The Blogger’s Halo Award 2006

There are a number of Halo awards on the internet, but I’m suggesting something quite unique here. The “Blogger’s Halo Award” would go to the blogger who has not only created a vital up-to-the minute blog with a sizable readership and dedication to excellence, but this blogger would have gone way beyond the call of duty by demonstrating a selfless commitment to help other bloggers solve their blogging problems.

My nomination for this newly created “Blogger’s Halo Award” goes to Wake Up America.

When I began to express my frustration to other Beta Bloggers about not having trackback capability, Wake Up America’s Spreeezie came to my aid. There was a flurry of e-mails as Spree patiently answered my endless questions and held my hand. Spree sent me HTML codes and gave me explicit directions. But beyond that, Spree actually got my trackbacks going! I owe it all to Spree!

Now we bloggers are a somewhat egotistical lot – thinking that the world needs to hear what we have to say. But, when you discover a blogger out there who is willing to go the extra mile for someone they’ve never met . . . to take time out of their busy day . . to actually do it for you without even wanting to take credit for it – that’s a Blogging Saint.

So Saint Spreeezie, you are the first nominee for the “Blogger’s Halo Award 2006!”

Let’s hear it for Wake Up America! And if there are other Blogging Saints you would like to recognize, leave a comment or trackback here.

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