U.S. Military to Ditch the Red Cross for the Red Crystal

Today I had planned on writing about the ills of political correctness born of moral relativity and multiculturalism. I didn’t have to look far for material. It seems that International Law has prevailed and Israel has finally won acceptance into the International Red Cross. All Israel had to do was to ditch the Red Star of David as its protective symbol.

The red crystal is now official. The treaty which establishes the red crystal emblem became part of international law on Sunday, 14 January. Consequently the red crystal is now recognised in law as an additional protective emblem, with the same status as the red cross and red crescent.

You might note that the Red Cross (reversed Swiss flag based on the Christian crucifix), the Red Crescent (Islam), and the Red Lion of the Sun (Iran) may still be used. These emblems were prescribed in the 1949 Geneva Conventions. The next symbol to get the axe will be the Red Cross. Somehow I suspect that this won’t be the case with the Red Crescent or the Red Lion of the Sun. The problem with p.c./multiculturalism is the simple fact that the cultures that carry the biggest sticks, or that make the most threats, or that are known for world-wide terrorism, usually win these kind of battles. Ah but our utopianistic multiculturalists have no doubt about how to extinguish these problems!

It is hoped that the red crystal emblem, which is devoid of religious or other non-partisan connotations, will be universally accepted and its meaning understood. The red crystal, was adopted by a large majority of States at a diplomatic conference held in December 2005 in Geneva.

In the mean time it would appear that the US Military is planning to ditch the Red Cross in favor of the new Red Crystal. According to a military source, “This new symbol for the red cross was reported as being currently ready to be instated to our military medical facilities in the near future. I am confident that given the current climate of the war on terror, that it must have been designed as to “not offend” some members of the Islamic world.”

From my p.o.v. this doesn’t seem to be such a great idea while we are in the middle of a war in Iraq. Let’s see. . . . hmmmm . . . an ambulance sporting a Red Crystal symbol will tell all Muslims exactly what?

I’m cross-posting this interesting blog post from Chaplain Roland Dell.

January 14
The Red Cross, the Last Straw
I am outraged by the removal of the symbol of red cross from our medical facilities and ambulances. The Hospitalers, that gave us the term hospital are accredited with the use of the red cross as far back as the middle ages.

I am tired of apologizing to the world for our Western Heritage! Multiculturalism is supposed to celibate our differences in cultures, not remove anything that is found distasteful to others and call it accommodation. When I was trained by the Army, as an equal opportunity representative the premise was to create a greater harmony by celebrating and discussing our differences. Not by destroying any symbol of the Church or any other remotely similar symbols of western civilization. I have found that once a traditional symbol or expression is suppressed it seldom resurfaces, and is lost in posterity. This effectively erases any trace of our western civilization or culture, and our children have once again lost any cultural links to our past.

Strangely enough, one of the instructors that taught my course in the Army said that if we would not agree with her about the instatement of multiculturalism in “our” culture that we would merely be an “educated racist”. By who’s authority is this premise taught? I thought we were taught to discuss and celibate our cultures as Americans and Soldiers. The problem with pluralism is that there can be no bases of values, because no one can agree upon any particular code of conduct, or actions. The only thing that save the U.S. Army from this problem is it’s “ARMY VALUES”.

We are not even allowed to show the ten commandments in public anymore. The irony about such teaching are that they are intended to promote multiculturalism, but by the very nature that this course is taught, it denies the very principles it claims to endorse.

I did very well in this course of study, however I was disturbed by being taught that the “white man IS the oppressor”! I have never oppressed anyone! Furthermore, anything that I have ever learned about my family has always shown compassion for the oppressed or those in need.

How dare anyone inject race into the condition of the human heart! Any race has the potentencial to misuse there God given authority or power, and indeed this has always occurred. Yes, historically peoples have been oppressed by other peoples, but this will never justify the continuation of it. Can’t they see it? Teaching one thing and acting another?

The removal of the red cross from our military facilities, is no different than the removal from the ambulance in the 1960’s in this country. It was also the time that our children lost the right to pray, or even have a moment of silence in our schools, when will this organizational heresy cease?

Perhaps when western civilization is completely erased by another culture?

It is time for those who value the principles of western culture to say enough, of this hypocrisy!
Chaplain Dell
Lightship Ministries

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