Iran masses troops along Iraq border

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Kuwait News Agency is reporting that Iran is massing troops along its borders with north Iraq. Iran announced new tests of short-range missiles and more military exercises.

A Pishmerga source said that Iran has beefed up its troops stationed along the main border crossing (Pashmakh), midway between the Kurdish Penjavin city and the Iranian Miriwan city.

He added that Iran sent more reinforcement troops to the Kirban border position with Iraq, between Daza castle north of Suleymania.

Also the Iranian border authorities are applying a lot of pressure on businessmen at the border crossing and tightening the inspection process there. (source)

President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad denied that the country’s economy has been hurt by U.N. sanctions. Well of course he denies it. But he can’t deny this: A second air craft carrier, the USS John C. Stennis, will arrive in waters off Iran in the next few weeks. The clerics are apparently worried that the United States plans to attack Iran’s nuclear facilities in the next few months. Fear is good.

Last year, Iran held three large-scale military exercises to test what it called an “ultra-horizon” missile and the Fajr-3, a rocket that it claims can evade radar and use multiple warheads to hit several targets simultaneously.

Though U.S. officials suggest Iran exaggerates its military capabilities, Washington is very concerned about Iranian progress in developing missiles. Some of its missiles are capable of hitting U.S.-allied Arab nations and Israel, which Ahmadinejad has called to be wiped off the map. (source)

Oh Mahmoud, I do believe your days are numbered. Your own clerics and your own people are turning against you. Bub Bye you little polyester wearing weasel.

What happened to Ivory soap?

Why do some Americans need a famous name or face stuck on their soap, perfume, clothing labels or shoes? Whatever happened to using brand names like Ivory soap? We infidels are such heathens. Take THAT terrorists!

KISS rocker Gene Simmons is peddling an “elegant” new perfume. Guitar god Carlos Santana has a new line of sexy women’s shoes. And “Two and Half Men” star Charlie Sheen is shaking up the kiddie couture market. Kiss

Why are these already successful stars branching out into what appears to be foreign and very unlikely territory?

You guessed right: It’s all about the Benjamins.

“It doesn’t have to make sense,” Simmons told “What does KISS have to do with shampoo or coffee? Nothing. The reason to get involved in anything is commerce.”

There are other odd pairings. Donald Trump, a known teetotaler, just launched Trump Super Premium Vodka. Rocker Jon Bon Jovi is the co-founder of the Rock Star Baby line of baby gear. And actor Jackie Chan recently launched an organic skin care line. (source)

Putin puts private pursuit packing

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President Vladimir Putin has signed a decree making Russia’s main state-run weapons exporter, Rosoboronexport, “the only enterprise in Russia with the right to conduct foreign trade activity in relation to all products of military purpose.” Putin did this with one swipe of his ink pen. Done. Beginning and end of discussion. Sounds like the old Russia is baaaack!

Just who is Russia selling these arms to? China, India, Venezuela, Algeria and Iran.

Previously, the aircraft maker MiG and several other arms manufacturers had the right to directly export their products.

Russia’s arms exports exceeded $6 billion in 2005, setting a new post-Soviet record.

Last year, a report released by the U.S. Congressional Research Service said that Russia was ahead of France and the United States in arms deals with developing nations in 2005. It said Russia had developed good financing and payment arrangements, as well as extensive licensed production agreements to increase its market share. (source)

Putin will be traveling to India next week, but prior to that visit Russia plans to conduct the “inaugural flight” of the aircraft carrier-borne MiG-29 fighter jets being produced specifically for India. India plans to spend $30 billion on weapon imports during (2007-2012) and is the ‘the largest arms importer in the developing world’.

Through the sonic boom generated by the MiG-29, Russia intends to send a strong message that it’s keen to retain the edge over other countries in supplying military hardware and software to India despite deep inroads being made by Israel, France and now increasingly, the US. [snip]

As part of the $1.6 billion (Rs 6,900 crore) deal signed with Russia in January 2004, the Indian Navy will get 16 MiG-29s along with the 44,570-tonne Admiral Gorshkov aircraft carrier, now rechristened INS Vikramaditya. While 12 of these fighters will be the single-seat ‘K’ variants, the other four will be twin-seater ‘KUB’ trainer versions. (source)


So what is really going on in Russia? Viktor Erofeyev in the Herald Tribune asks, “Who’s using gas to twist the arms of its neighbors — Georgia, Ukraine and now Belarus? Who’s conducting an ethnic cleansing campaign against those same Georgians? Who killed the independent journalist Anna Politkovskaya and poisoned Alexandre Litvinenko before the eyes of the world? Who’s playing a double game in Iran?”

Our answer would be ‘Russia’. But Mr. Erofeyev points out that the Kremlin rejects all these accusations:

It did not abuse its neighbors — these were purely commercial issues, and moreover on territory that lies within Russia’s sphere of interest. The assassinations were obviously useful to the Kremlin’s enemies, and were apparently ordered by political émigrés. And so on. [snip]

Russia had never been as rich as it was now — this may have been largely luck, but it is a fact and the population supports Putin in overwhelming numbers. (source)

Sunday, January 21, 2007, ‘a Japanese fishing boat with six on board was captured by the Russian border guard near disputed waters off Hokkaido’ and ‘in August 2006, a Japanese fisherman was shot dead by gunfire from a Russian patrol vessel while operating on a fishing boat sailing in waters around one of the disputed islands known as the Northern Territories in Japan and the Southern Kurils in Russia. (source)

Putin said today that ‘Russia is ready for a constructive dialog with the European Union (EU) over energy supplies that is based on mutual respect for interests.’

Words are cheap Mr. Putin. The world has moved on from the day when President George W. Bush looked deep into Putin’s eyes and perceived there a worthy soul. What businesses will Putin take over next? Is this democracy? I think not.

Update: Leftists Attempt to Close Down Newspaper Forum

The president of the Texas Minutemen, Shannon McGauley, (The Official Texas Chapter of the Minuteman Project) has joined the fray in what promises to put the Wise County Messenger Forum on the radar. I’ve seen other comments posted else where that say, “These little forum incidents aren’t such big deals because they happen all the time.”

My response to that kind of thinking is that every movement starts small. Every loss of our rights, especially the freedom of speech, starts small. If we allow leftist anarchists to defame anyone, anywhere, no matter how small and insignificant the incident, we have given in to forces that will one day overwhelm us all. It’s up to us folks, you and I, to step up to the plate and to refuse to allow anyone to call people who oppose illegal immigration “racists.”

I know you’ve heard this adage a million times: “Think Globally. Act Locally”. Most of the folks reading this blog are also bloggers. We all believe that just one voice does make a difference, otherwise we wouldn’t bother blogging. But have we become so involved in the blogosphere that we’ve forgotten where we actually live?

There are quite a few folks out there on the internet who are not yet familiar with the blogosphere. They still communicate, develop friendships, and form their ideas through groups and forums. This is especially true in rural America.

Check out the forums in your own neighborhood, in your own city, and see if you can do your small part to counter the voices that are trying to destroy the fiber of this nation!

Many thanks to Spree of Wake Up America who is holding down this fort in my absence. As I’ve written before, I don’t know what I would have done without her dedication to excellence and without her expert help. I also want to welcome Debbie of Right Truth, who has joined our list of contributors. You might note that Debbie was the runner-up for the Blogger Halo Award!

For background on this update, see yesterday’s post from Spree: Fairness for All: Part #2

Yesterday’s story was also cross-posted at Right Truth, and Wake Up America.

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