My Pet Rant of All Time–Abortion

My pet rant is probably, to me, the most heinous thing in the world and to me, demonstrates exactly what we’re fighting for in the way of VICTORY against liberals and defeatists. That rant is abortion, followed closely by euthansia.

But, Miss Beth, you say, what about a woman’s right to choose? My response is when an unborn child has a right to choose, then so will a woman.

But, Miss Beth, you say, what about in cases of rape? My response is that child, while a product of a violent act, did not choose his or her existence. He or she didn’t cause the rape and didn’t ask to be brought into this world as a result of a violent act. Therefore, he or she has just as much right to life as the rest of us. If the child is too heartwrenching a reminder, place the child for adoption with a loving family.

But, Miss Beth, you say, what about in cases of incest? See above.

But, Miss Beth, you say, what if it’s not convenient for the mother to have a child at this point in her life? My response is, then she shouldn’t have lain down and opened her legs.

But, Miss Beth, you say what about when continuing the pregnancy is a danger to the mother? That’s a little more complicated. However, there have been many instances where a continuing pregnancy was “dangerous” to the mother and both mother and child have lived.

But, Miss Beth, what if the mother is an uneducated teenager and the child interferes with the rest of the mother’s life and her future opportunities? There are many schools designed for teenage mothers, teaching them how to be good mothers and continue their education. Again, if the child is truly a “hinderance” to the mother, 1) she shouldn’t have lain down and opened her legs and 2) place the child for adoption with a loving family.

The truth is we could go on for days with “But, Miss Beth, what if…”.

The truth is abortion is murder, pure and simple. A capital crime. An ending to a life.

We hear so much on the liberal left against capital punishment. I’d like to pose a question: If there are so many against capital punishment, for those who have been properly tried and convicted, why then, are they for abortion against an innocent life that has not been tried and convicted?

And the most horrific, the most heinous of these procedures is partial birth abortion.

For those not familiar with this, let me describe. It involves the mother going into labor, or being induced into labor. The child is turned around so he or she is born “breech”. The entire body is delivered and just before the head is fully presented and before the child takes his or her first breath, the base of his or her skull is punctured and the brains sucked out. Then the rest of the child is delivered and often placed into a “dying room” to let the child die on their own.

Thankfully, Congress continues its ban on these horrific murders. However, possibly not for long. Not with San Fran Nan in charge. And not with everybody’s beloved poster boy, Bill Clinton, lurking in the background. Clinton, who tried to have the ban lifted, was overridden by Congress. Thank GOD Congress showed some spine then!

In a recent issue of Time, there was a significant article regarding crisis pregnancy centers. They provide counseling, help, clothing, find pre-natal care, etc. for women. Planned Parenthood, the biggest slaughterhouse in the country, was boo-hooing becazuse these centers aren’t “playing fair”. Just what are the crisis centers doing that PP doesn’t consider fair? They’re showing these women in crisis their children on sonograms. These women see their children moving, breathing, engaging in LIFE. And PP doesn’t think that’s fair. Why? Because these mothers often choose to give their children life after seeing them on the sonogram. TOO BAD FOR PP!!!

I APPLAUD the crisis centers for crusading to end abortions, for showing women there are numerous options for their unborn children, for helping these women–in short, for trying to stop the slaughter.

Now, there’s “Exhale” that provides “e-cards” for women who have had a “procedure”. Sounds like they’re just getting a tooth pulled instead of committing murder. Something warm and fuzzy to make the would-have-been mother/murderer “feel better” about her “decision” rather than forcing her to face the consequences of murder and not just murder, but murder of her own child. How disgusting can you get?

People on the left are more concerned with the spotted owl and clubbing seals than they are with children. Taking that one step further, your teenage daughter can have an abortion without your permission yet needs your permission for a tattoo or piercing. Where are their priorities?

The Supreme Court decision giving women the “right” to a legal abortion, the “right” to commit murder with impunity, was wrong. It’s yet another instance of the court trying to legislate in a moral and religious arena. Look at the blood on the justice’s hands–not just the deciding justices but all the justices since then who have upheld that decision.

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  1. Exactly so Miss Beth. Legalized abortion is legalized murder..PERIOD.

    Somewhere in my travels of various web sites I came across a statistic that is unspeakably horrible. If I can find it again I’ll post it here, though if I’m not mistaken it was at Town

    In short the statistics of unborn murdered in this country since abortion was made legal is tantamount to genocide. The stat is 45,ooo,ooo human beings slaughtered. For those that may have graduated just recently from the liberal run public school system, here is the translation…Forty-five million killed.
    And for what? Convenience?

    The liberals have much to answer for starting with the genocide of our children. The list goes on ad nauseum.

    The ten commandments were written by God for a reason. “Thou Shalt Not Kill”. Pray for forgiveness.

    Any questions?

  2. Just today, I heard on HH’s show it’s 17,000 PER DAY of dead children! PER DAY!! Congress will cry over 3,000+ dead in a fully just war, but they encourage 17,000 PER DAY murdered children!

  3. It’s sick…may God have mercy on us.

  4. Miss Beth, this is an awesome post and would like your permission to use it on my blog and by email.

    Pastor Ed Boston (Cyber Pastor)

  5. A few things for you:
    I agree that every little life should have a chance at life and that a pregnancy should not be “an occupational hazard.” But in cases of rape or incest, I would have to say that the woman should be allowed to abort the child. To feel a child growing in you that alone would be memories. Especially if the child having the child………..

    OK, on a lighter note! First, love the blogs. No wonder we are friends.

    My mom use to stay in a hotel to see me (she lives in FL). We would go out for a nice dressy dinner her last night here and we would get ready in her hotel room. We were both in our undies and there was a fly. She grabs the phone book and almost breaks the vanity (while missing the fly). I roll up some stationary that is in the folder and see it on the wall. I run over and kill it on the wall. It sticks to the folder and I proceed to “show pony style” prance/run (remember, in underwear) up and down my mom’s hotel room, while holding up the folder with the dead fly on it. We rolled on the floor laughing and crying and that is my mom and I’s “VICTORY DANCE.”

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