So There’s No Real Terror Threat Within Our Borders, Huh?

For all of the people out there suffering from a combination Bush Derangement Syndrome and Ostrich Syndrome, how, pray tell, do you explain today’s story of the six muslims and their plan to invade Ft. Dix, NJ?

Hm………..seems this has been a plot over 15 months in the making, the terrorists are here illegally (one employed as a pizza delivery person who could get onto Ft. Dix). The full stories are here and here.

Now, I know one “little” story about illegal terrorists being foiled in their plot to invade a military base is NOT going to change the mind of any of the defeatist, traitor, treasonistic crowd. But isn’t it amazing how the very things this crowd bitches about have paid off? The surveillance and profiling? The wire-tapping (for all the screaming about the alleged illegal wire-tapping of citizens, I have to wonder–if the citizens have nothing to hide, what are they so worried about?) has, in this one instance, shown its value in stopping yet another incident. And FYI for the wire-tapping screamers? The only people being wire tapped are those who appear to be a danger for one reason or another, not every single citizen.

The point is, profiling, wire-tapping, increased security measures post 9/11 have paid off.

The secondary point? pelosi, reid, murtha, et al have emboldened these terrorists to go after a truly “hot” target instead of a “soft” target.

Kumbaya and give peace a chance my ass! Three cheers for Bush, Cheney, et al for standing firm against the traitors!

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