Update on Sharp-ima-ton

[Update 1] Well, irony prevails with this tub of fat. Listening to Hugh Hewitt yesterday, it was revealed one of the Rutger’s women’s basketball players (you know, the nappy headed hos wounded for life over Imus’ remark), Katie Adams, is from Ogden, Utah and is possibly a Mormon.

So, how does Sharp-ima-ton backpedal this one? He’s slandered Romney’s beliefs all over the place, tried to back-pedal like the liar he is, and NOW one of the “wounded for life” young women he supported so strongly against such harsh words as “nappy headed hos” against the big, mean white man Imus (don’t forget, he refused to “forgive” Imus as well, even though the team forgave Imus) may be of the same faith as Romney.

The irony is oh so delicious.

[Update 2] Here’s the video, in Sharp-ima-ton’s own words.

And Romney’s response is here. For the record, Romney has no problem calling a bigot a bigot.

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