edwards IS An Idiot

I just got home from work and thought it would be a good time to update everyone on our least favorite opportunistic (you know, the one who wants to turn a solemn day commemorating the sacrifices our troops have made for us, the citizens of this GREAT nation into an anti-war protest belittling and demeaning that sacrifice), ambulance chasing, land of la-la living $400 haircuts and 28,000 square foot house, two Americas presidential candidate.

Before I could do that, however, I found this article. I haven’t told Snooper I’m swiping it yet, but I don’t think he’ll mind.

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edwards IS An Idiot

Thursday, May 24, 2007 3:01 PM

At Breitbart we find the following:

NEW YORK (AP) – Democrat John Edwards Wednesday repudiated the notion that there is a “global war on terror,” calling it an ideological doctrine advanced by the Bush administration that has strained American military resources and emboldened terrorists.

In a defense policy speech he planned to deliver at the Council on Foreign Relations, Edwards called the war on terror a “bumper sticker” slogan Bush had used to justify everything from abuses at the Abu Ghraib prison to the invasion of Iraq.

“We need a post-Bush, post-9/11, post-Iraq military that is mission focused on protecting Americans from 21st century threats, not misused for discredited ideological purposes,” Edwards said in remarks prepared for delivery. “By framing this as a war, we have walked right into the trap the terrorists have set—that we are engaged in some kind of clash of civilizations and a war on Islam.”

In the first presidential debate last month in South Carolina, Edwards was one of four Democrats—including Delaware Sen. Joe Biden, Ohio Rep. Dennis Kucinich and former Alaska Sen. Mike Gravel—who said they did not believe there was a global war on terror. Front-runners Hillary Rodham Clinton and Barack Obama indicated that they did.

Edwards, a former North Carolina senator, voted in 2002 to authorize the invasion of Iraq but has since become a harsh critic of the conflict. In his speech, he reiterated his call to remove American combat troops from Iraq within a year and vowed to “restore the contract we have with those who proudly wear the uniform to defend our country and make the world a safe and better place.”

Edwards outlined several steps he said he would pursue as president to strengthen the military, including using force only to pursue essential national security missions, improve civilian-military relations, and root out mismanagement at the Pentagon.

He said he would created a “national security budget” to include the activities of several agencies, including the Pentagon, Energy Department, and Homeland Security. He also said he would boost the budget for military recruiting.

But Edwards saved his toughest words for the Bush administration, whom he accused of engaging in wrongheaded military adventures while abandoning U.S. “moral leadership” in the world. Because of the administration’s poor stewardship, Edwards said troops were exhausted, overworked, and potentially ill-prepared for future threats.

“Leading the military out of the wreckage left by the poor civilian leadership of this administration will be the single most important duty of the next commander in chief,” Edwards said.

Anticipating the speech, the Republican National Committee sent out a research document titled “Edwards’ Troop Profiteering,” noting that his campaign routinely solicits donations to help Edwards pursue his anti-war efforts.

“One can’t help but wonder how John Edwards is comfortable beefing up his campaign coffers at the expense of our troops,” RNC spokeswoman Summer Johnson said. “Edward’s profiteering isn’t only in poor taste but it also illustrates his hunger for the White House trumps his sensitivity toward those serving America.”


edwards has just received the Darwinian Moron Award. Evidently, this idiot that would be the next POTUS is yet another example of the Idiot Class of Society At Large. Perhaps edwards should study some more and read up on the enemies of our country (unless those enemies are his friends). I have forwarded the following post to the edwards dungeon of stupidity (his campaign orifice) and y’all can read the same post as well. It is a compilation of guest authors on my blog entitled Studies in Islam (Jihadism).

Catering to the communist groups such as A.N.S.W.E.R. and the Yellow Streakers (formerly code pinkos) is “Rather” indicative of a warped mentality and questionable sanity.

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