One Marine’s Thoughts

This is a copy of a letter from a former Marine who served and was wounded in Vietnam. It was written shortly after September 11, 2001 and sent to me. Some of the language may seem harsh or foul, so this is fair warning– be prepared.

I share this with you respectfully and out of honor to this man. He may still be out there somewhere and I wonder what he is thinking today. The letter is relevant even now. Some of the points brought up in his letter may be useful in our cause. At least the ideas may be another base for formulating or including in an attack plan. This letter has been floated around the internet and sent via e-mail since 9-11 so you may have seen it.

When asked about the the terrorists who hijacked planes for suicide missions and so many calling them cowards, here is his response.

Cowards….? Nope.

‘Jacking a jet and driving it into a high-rise at 300 knots…no, not cowards. I wouldn’t do it. They don’t have an air force so they used our training and our planes, and with great execution…

Far better than our fiasco in the desert to save the hostages in Iran.

Although glued to the TV for the last 48 hours, I haven’t heard any talking heads speak with anger and outrage. They act like it’s “Columbine” and we have to cope with this “tragedy” with counseling before resuming our lives…

My guess is you don’t hear that talk from blonde air heads on Israeli TV…’course they have Uzis in their briefcases…they are a nation with some cajones.

This is the picture of America after more than a decade of ‘sensitivity’ classes; of “hate speech”; of training males and females together in the Army, Air Force, and Navy (and thank God NOT in the Marine Corps); of Shannon Faulkner; of a Navy sub captain crying his eyes out on national TV after his boat took out a fishing vessel; of the last US President having to be taught by aides how to salute because; as a draft dodger, he never learned; of our TV and motion picture “heroes” vowing to leave the country because an election didn’t go their way…then not leaving; of having no draft; of modifying escape and evasion training at the Air Force Academy because some female threatened to file a lawsuit (after accepting a $750,000 education courtesy of the US taxpayers) because she felt “sexually harassed”; of a female Army Blackhawk pilot who refused to fly because it was her kids “constitutional right” to breast feed…AND her Army Blackhawk pilot husband helping her bring the lawsuit against the Army; of the meandering definition of what “is” is; of career military officers getting Master’s degrees at taxpayer’s expense…yet have no idea how to “fix bayonets”, let alone lead the charge; of Hillary Clinton as a role model; of the Air Force disallowing the painting of pin-up nose art on the aircraft of men who might just be required to fly said aircraft to their deaths…all because some lesbian from the National Organization of Gals (NAG) threatened a branch of the United States Military; of Bobbie has two daddies” and “Lisa has two mommies”; of a 15 year old needing parental permission for a tattoo but not for an abortion; of our tax money being used to pay an “artist” to immerse a crucifix in a jar of urine; of American citizens complaining about the noise military jets make when flying over their house…and going to court to get their target runs changed…and succeeding; of a citizenry that can’t distinguish between an admiral and a chief petty officer…or between a pilot and a clerk for that matter.

We don’t have John Wayne and Jimmy Stewart…we have Jason Priestly and Yanni.

We don’t have Ernie Pyle and Walter Cronkite…we have Peter Jennings.

In short…we have been feminized…not in the Maggie Thatcher/Golda Meir kick-your-ass way…but in the whining, ACLU get-in-touch-with-your-feelings-men-are-enemies kind of way and, therefore, we cannot, repeat, MUST NOT deploy troops on a large scale to some place like Afghanistan…our military (except for a few elite units) does not have “the fire in the belly” it requires…Our enemies have not taken any sensitivity classes.

And, thanks to Bill Clinton and his ilk, we have an eviscerated combat force that is top heavy of fat ass, butt boy flag officers and short on NCO’s willing, capable and prepared to skewer Osama bin Laden with a bayonet.

We will now “pay the piper” for electing Bill Clinton twice…

It will be clear when we mount whatever military response we eventually choose…Smart bombs, cruise missiles will only make us look more impotent and less committed…

And yet Bill Clinton will still have his defenders despite the fact that because of him we cannot defend ourselves in the manner required of the world’s ONLY superpower.

And NOW the same people that voted for this moral and physical coward, want our servicemen and women to go in harms way…pay the price with one arm tied behind their backs.

It’s been over three decades since I fired a shot in anger in a war we weren’t firmly committed to…and yet we were in a far better mind-set to do what has to be done today than the poor kids we’re going to send to do it.

Thank God curbside check-in has been abolished…I’ll sleep better tonight
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