Global Warming…or is it Whining?

Ref: Global Warming

You know I never heard of “carbon footprint” until “BIG AL” either invented it or discovered it.

Well…I had to put it aside for awhile and think about it.

Oh…I thought about Mount St. Helen and all that “carbon” she spewed forth from the bowels of the earth.

And, Oh…what ever happened to all that carbon anyway…huh? What happened to it? It was so natural…”whatin it”?

And…I still contemplate it each night before I go to bed. For, you see, each night before going to bed, I go out by the pool and look at the stars; the falling stars that is!

Well ya’all see, I mus be a gettin dummer… I was always believun ma school mom (great teacha she was!) when she told us uns about dem der ‘fallin starrs’.

Mrs. Sledge, dats ma school mom, she says dem der are not starrs, dem just rocks or what day call ‘meter-oar-rights’ and dem rocks are a going so damn fast day just burn up…crazy huh, dem rocks burning!

We’ll ma friend Bubba asks Mrs Sledge, “What happen to dem rocks wen day burn up?

Mrs. Sledge says, “All them rocks just burn up and turn into a basic substance called ‘carbon’.”

And I asks, “What happin to all dat der carbon?”

“Well,” she replies, “I think it just deposits one big ‘carbon footprint’.”

If you agree with my ‘carbon footprint’ story, pass it on

Thanks Norm!
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