An International Embarrassment

Identity Politics…Downfall of America; An International Embarrassment

This right here is too funny in a not so funny way. It isn’t funny as far as a HAHA is funny. It is funny in that the Leftinistra are whining…AGAIN! Funny as in, WTF? Funny as in, this is not known? Funny as in, you have got to be kidding me!

Read on.

From Slate:

The Los Angeles Times leads with a look at how the partisan wrangling between lawmakers in Congress has been escalating since Democrats took control and reached a high point last week. Although there was much condemnation of all this infighting, both sides have been turning up the heat, figuring “they have more to gain by warring with their rivals than by working with them.” Everyone has much to lose from the deadlock but few expect the mood to change when Congress comes back, particularly since Iraq will be at the forefront again.

Get a load of this headliner:
Los Angeles Times

Partisanship serves parties’ interests

And the sub-title is this:

The GOP sees more advantage in disrupting congressional business, and Democrats see no incentive to accommodate the minority.

OK. First off. What is “wrong” with the image running through your mind as you read the title and sub-title? The quote? If you are a closed-mind moonbat, you will readily proclaim the verbiage to be The Truth. If you are someone like…say…me, you will read that and laugh scornfully and proclaim, “So what else is knew?” Someone like me would proclaim the verbiage as “This Is Bull!”

Simply amazing.

For years and years and years and years, since the time of Carter and the few years before him, the Leftinistra have used their badgering techniques on the GOP types that have always maintained or worked hard at maintaining, civil discourse. This has been The Way up until recent years…more so currently.

The GOP Conservatives have FINALLY started to fight fire with fire and some have even taken their gloves off. We can no longer afford to play nice-nice. So, now, it is called “partisanship” when what it really is, and putting it bluntly, is the attitude of STFU! And here is why.

THIS IS MY GUT CALL BASED ON LIFE’S EXPERIENCE…so don’t give me a ration of crap because MY gloves have been off for decades and I will trounce and pounce with no mercy. At this point, mercy is tantamount to a stay at Bellevue.

The Democrats MAY have run on the platform of “bring the troops home” but I don’t believe that for one minute. I believe that in their heart of hearts, they KNOW that we cannot just walk away, no matter what you call it and the manner of which the “walk out” is termed. It is suicide for the Iraqis and Americans for aeons to come. The Battle MUST be won and THEY KNOW IT!

I believe that they used their moonobat base to win elections in close states in 11/06. They called it “a new direction” in Iraq. They KNEW as most of us knew then as we STILL know now, the then in place ROE was as retarded as Forest Gump. I know it. You know it and so did they. The new direction demanded by the American people was a VICTORY. They knew it. You know it. And so did I. Many conservatives…the hard-core ones and the moderate ones, stayed home. Had they showed up to vote, we would not be in the predicament of which we find the political bodies in at the moment.

The blathered and bantering about of The Vaunted democratic Party has gotten this country where, exactly? Exactly no where? Correct. We are right smack down in the middle of THE WORST Congressioanal Session if the history of this country. The all so hated GWB has OVER 10 times the approval rating as does the Democratic Party led “majority”. CONgress has sunk to an all-time low all because the DNC LIED to the base about The War In Iraq.

When you strip down all the rhetoric; when you take the time to dissect the words spoken to various groups across the country from the Politicos; there is no way on God’s Green earth that anybody in their right mind is going to pull troops out of Iraq before the job is done.

Anybody that has a head on their shoulders that are of sound mind knows beyond a shadow of a doubt that a “political solution” is NOT possible without a military victory. Cases in point; WWI, WWII, Vietnam, Korea, Grenada, Contra-Sandinista, Kosovo, to name a few. There are more examples.

WWI and WWII and Grenada; political solutions came AFTER the war was won.

Vietnam; “political solutions” lost that war.

Korea; “political solutions” wrought a “tie”…the area, to this day is STILL at war. The war was NEVER settled. The declared war on the South by the North and the declared war on the North by the South has NEVER been rescinded. This is the longest cease fire in history.

Grenada; “political solutions” came AFTER the smallest war in history was won.

Kosovo; “political solutions” have not worked because the war is on-going.

Contra-Sandinista; your guess is as good as mine.

Now, they, the Democrats and RINOs, are using the moonbat base in the SAME way and we see how the KOSmonoffs’ convention was a flop if not a total waste of time, effort and money. Just look at the “conflict” taking place between The Fraud Sheehan and The Fraud Pelosi! Pelosi has stated that impeachment of GWB and Cheney will NOT happen. Censure will NOT happen. Why? Because they did NOT A THING to warrant it but it sure does excite the moonbat base.

Look at the “conflict” going on between the top three muts of the DNC. Edwards whines about “they want to shut me up” and Barack said he wants to nuke Pakistan and Hillary says she will bring the troops home. Please. The irony of the ultimate poli-speak jargon is oh so sadly comical.

Keeping the issues simple is the easiest way but it doesn’t win elections.

If the Democrats, that KNOW their rhetoric is disingenuous at the minimum would tell their moonbat base to “go to your corners and don’t get up until we tell you to” and if the Republicans would clean up their act, The War In Iraq would have been won LONG ago…like 1991.

Rant to be continued I am sure…

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