Sanctuary Cities: A Call To Action

Cross posted by request from Beth from Wake up America

Okies folks, we made ourselves into pesky little critters regarding the immigration reform idiocy and we WON. We were heard and we beat those trying to offer amnesty to 12 million illegal immigrants, into the ground.

WELL, related topic here and we are going to need to massively, as one again, nail our representatives while they are home on break. Emailing, faxing, calling and sending snail mail letters, every day, every night, let them wake up and hear us and go to bed praying they won’t have to again tomorrow.

I am posting two things I did, one last night and one today. They should both arm us with the ammunition needed to POUND OUR REPS.

Topic: Sanctuary Cities and make sure to click the link to the list to them and see how freaking LARGE it is.


Sanctuary Cities and Our Republican Candidates.

Tell Me Why The Had To Die.

Lets force them to start doing their jobs for us.

We were heard once and we can be heard again.

To contact your Senators, click here.

To Contact Your Congressmen, click here.

Tomorrow is the start of a new day and the start of a not-so-new fight.

Lets bring it to them and demand that they do the right thing.

Thank you

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