Give Me a FREAKING Break!

Here we go with the torture bullshit again. Wah, wah, freakin’ wah.

I was cruising through the headlines, looking for something decent to watch tonight (I am SO SICK of reality TV, hollyweird–who gives a flying crap about Brittany’s meltdown in VEGAS?, game shows with the blatant and obvious defeatist twist–ever watched the “Power of 10”?) and I came across this headline:

“Guantanamo Detainees Tell of Abuses”.
Ok. What now?

I start reading the story, wondering just what horrible atrocities the defeatocrats suffering from cranial rectal inversion are going to accuse our troops of next.

You know…LIBERALS:

And I find out.

Oh the horrors! These poor, benighted detainees are being tortured by…….

Wait for it……wait…….wait…….

Being interrupted during their prayers and allegedly having medications withheld.

Yep. That’s torture, all right. Horrible. Depraved. Barbaric. Uncivilized even.

And note I use the word “allegedly” regarding the medication issue. Why would I choose that word? Because the interviewee admits he lies to get whatever he wants…uh huh. The medical records don’t show medications being withheld, but we’re supposed to believe an admitted liar because he says so.


They consider this torture? These demons disguised in human skin, who delight in finding new and unique ways of torture themselves, consider this, THIS torture???

Allow me to direct your attention to something I posted May 26, 2007, entitled, “So, YOU Think We Torture Gitmo Detainees?” which can be found here.

A quick recap of that article mentions something found called the al`Quaida Torture Manual which advocates things like limb amputation, eye gouging and removal, drilling through hands, heads in vises, regular beatings….and was found by Coalition Forces in a padlocked room in Karmah. Of course the manual was graphically illustrated, with the “torturers” being shown smiling and generally enjoying themselves as if they’d just cleaned up on Wall Street. The full torture manual can be viewed at The Smoking Gun website here.

So back to today and our poor Gitmo detainees.

Here’s the article: I’ll bold the relevant passages and switch color over to red.

Guantanamo Detainees Tell of Abuses

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Sep 11, 9:42 PM (ET)


SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico (AP) – Detainees flinging body waste at guards. Guards interrupting detainees at prayer. Interrogators withholding medicine. Hostility and tension between inmates and their keepers at the Guantanamo Bay prison are evident in transcripts obtained by The Associated Press.

These rare detainee accounts of life inside the razor wire at the remote U.S. military base in Cuba emerged during Administrative Review Board hearings aimed at deciding whether prisoners suspected of links with the Taliban or al-Qaida should continue to be held or be sent away from Guantanamo.

The Pentagon gave the AP transcripts of hearings held last year in a trailer at Guantanamo after the news agency sought the material under the Freedom of Information Act.

Amid the tensions, the transcripts also show a few relaxed encounters between detainees and their guards and interrogators.

The military has said Guantanamo is relatively calm compared to last year. But a report released by the detention center last month shows mass disturbances are up sharply over 2006 and forced removal of prisoners from cells and assaults with bodily fluids are on pace to match or exceed last year’s total.

The transcripts, obtained by the AP on Friday, illustrate the friction.

A Yemeni detainee, Mohammed Ali Em al-Zarnuki, warned his panel of three U.S. military officers that inmates would attempt suicide unless guards stop interrupting prayers, moving detainees during prayer time and whistling and creating other distractions.

Four detainees have committed suicide at Guantanamo – three last year and one on May 30. Several other detainees have tried to kill themselves, including by overdosing on hoarded medicine.

“I want you to be aware of it because I don’t want you to face a big problem,” al-Zarnuki said. “The problem happened before. The detainees took medication before because of this. So if you do not put a stop to this, it is going to be worse than before.”

The hearing’s presiding officer assured the detainee he would pass the complaint on, but added: “We do not make the camp rules and we have nothing to do with the camp rules.”

Commanders at Guantanamo had no comment Tuesday on the allegations. Guards have been trained to be sensitive about religious matters at Guantanamo, where wailing calls to prayer blare from loudspeakers while traffic cones are placed next to cells during prayer time, reminding guards not to interrupt.

In determining whether a detainee should remain at Guantanamo, the Administrative Review Boards consider whether he poses a security threat or has intelligence value. But detainees told the panels that lying to interrogators is common, calling into question the validity of the intelligence interrogators extract.

Some prisoners said their enemies inside the prison have lied to gain favor with interrogators or settle old scores.

One detainee bluntly informed his panel that he lies to interrogators and that others do as well.

“Why do you feel you have the right to lie to the interrogators?” a surprised panel member asked the detainee, Abdennour Sameur, an Algerian who was a resident of Britain.

“I was lying so that I can get my medical (treatment),” Sameur said. “Every interrogation that I have gone to I had to lie, because that was the only way I could get medical attention. … They were giving me some kind of medical pills, but the interrogators stopped it. Every time they get a new interrogator the interrogator stops it.”

Responding to questions from AP, military officers denied that detainees were deprived of medicine.

A Guantanamo spokesman, Army Lt. Col. Edward Bush, said no officials at Guantanamo had ever heard of a detainee being prevented from taking medicine.

Navy Capt. Bruce Menele, commander of the Joint Medical Group at Guantanamo, said that “interrogators have no authority over medical personnel administering medicine, or over any other aspect of detainee medical care.”

“I would be highly disturbed and feel obligated to take significant actions if I discovered that this had ever occurred,” Menele added.

Asked whether prayers are being interrupted and whether interrogators have withheld medicine, Bush said he was checking with appropriate commands at the base.

A letter signed by physicians and published Friday in the British medical journal Lancet compared the role of doctors at Guantanamo to the South African doctors involved in the case of anti-apartheid activist Steve Biko, who was beaten and tortured to death in 1977 in police custody.

The letter, signed by some 260 people from 16 countries – most of them doctors – accused the U.S. medical establishment of turning a blind eye to the role of military doctors at Guantanamo.

It did not allege doctors were involved in withholding any medicine from detainees, but took serious issue with the involvement of medical personnel in force-feeding hunger strikers at Guantanamo.

The detainees’ accounts also described a few lighter moments in the prison, set on an arid bluff overlooking the Caribbean Sea.

“There was a time when the guards opened my cell by mistake and I joked with them by asking ‘Can I help you?'” said Abdul Aziz Alsuwedy. “They laughed and apologized. The same guard thanked me later for not causing any problems.”

Alsuwedy, whose account was contained in a statement sent to his Administrative Review Board, did not say whether the guards belonged to the Immediate Reaction Force that carries out forced cell extractions and suppresses disturbances.

Another detainee described how interrogators said he resembled Cuba Gooding Jr., and later brought him photos of the star because the detainee had never heard of the actor.

Several detainees said some guards and interrogators treat them with respect, while others do not.

“Who treats me good, I treat them good,” said Sameur, the Algerian detainee. “Who treats me like a dog, I give them the same treatment.”

Sameur then described what he did to guards he doesn’t get along with: “I threw feces and I have spit on them.”


So again I say–give me a FREAKING BREAK…this is NOT torture…this is spoiled children rebelling against parents–children who would have no compunction about murdering countless innocents just for the hell of it, in the most heinous manner possible.

I also find the timing of this little tidbit to be significant–during the Petraeus/Crocker testimony before Congress, when two of the most honorable MEN this country has
are being slandered by


Make no mistake…the defeatocrats, leftinistra, democrat cabal have no compunctions about how low they will go to achieve their agenda of destroying this country.

You want atrocities? Here’s some real atrocities:

Remember Nick Berg? Take a GOOD LOOK.

And how about our soldiers bodies mutilated and dragged through the streets–REMEMBER THAT? You ASSHOLE LIBERALS BETTER REMEMBER AND TAKE A GOOD FUCKING LOOK.

And let’s not forget advocating mutilation and death before birth–the liberal cry for the death culture, partial birth abortion and, dammit, they want it ON DEMAND.

Have a brain and be smart enough to see through this bullshit.

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