Cheers and Jeers–Giffords and Grijalva Update

In my last post regarding Gabrielle Giffords, freshman Congressman from Arizona’s 8th District here, I asked a very pointed question regarding her stance on the smear ad of General David Petraeus.

My computer has been down for a few days. I was just able to view the roll call.

I am pleased to see Congressman Giffords voted IN FAVOR of condemning Cheers to Congressman Giffords for her stance–it will certainly be remembered come election time.

However, the far leftist traitor also addressed in that post, Raul Grijalva, Arizona’s 7th District Congressman, voted AGAINST condemning

What can you expect from a traitor who doesn’t keep in contact with his WHITE constituency, only communicates with his Spanish speakers (running his entire campaign in Spanish and ONLY in the Mexican areas of town regardless of his district borders and constituency), whether legal or illegal, encourages the illegals and refuses to go to a memorial of an illegal soldier who gave his life for the country he loved (he didn’t fit Grijalva’s agenda as a downtrodden, leech off the system criminal)? A Pancho Villa wanna-be–and that’s NOT a compliment–(just look at his mustache) who is as comfortable with La Raza and its agenda as he is with the snakes in Washington, slithering through the halls with the likes of Pelosi and ReidCo, while trying to stay in the background to keep his fat ass in a cushy government position?

It seems our freshman Congressman, Gabrielle Giffords, has more integrity in her little finger than Grijalva does in his whole bloated, fat, greasy body.

Congressman Giffords, you answered a very important question of mine and you did it with class. Thank you for your denouncement of and their smear campaign against General David Petraeus.

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