Christianity Under Attack Again!

It’s amazing to me just how far the PC idiots, the ACLU and left/defeatocrats will bend over to accomodate those that want to kill us while doing their best to silence God. This came to me in an American Family Association Action Alert today:

AFA ActionAlertTim Wildmon


Morningstar, One of the Largest Financial Information Companies, Rejects Ad that References “Christian”

Anti-Christian bias has become the norm in Hollywood and the media in recent years, and now there is evidence of this bigotry growing in the financial services industry, as well. We have learned that our friends at Faith Financial Planners were denied a paid advertisement on the website of Morningstar unless they removed the “Christian” content from their advertisement. Morningstar — one of the largest providers of financial information on mutual funds, stocks, and portfolios for individual investors and institutions in the world — told Faith Financial that the company had to “change the message completely and eliminate the Christian undertones.” This is a clear example of bigotry just because Faith Financial represents a Christian message about values and investing. Faith Financial is a company that, through one of its subsidiaries, provides information for Christians to use in reflecting their values in their investments. The information alerts values-based investors to those companies that are involved in pornography, abortion, the homosexual agenda, etc. Faith Financial’s website is Faith Financial is based in the Nashville, Tennessee area.

In an unprecedented move, after a contract had been signed by both parties, an ad sales agent for Morningstar informed Faith Financial that Morningstar had reversed its decision to accept the ad and decided that Faith Financial must censor the “Christian undertones” in order for the ad to be acceptable. American Family Association is asking you to let the leadership at Morningstar know that this kind of Christian bigotry is unacceptable.

You can send a message to Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Joe Mansueto.

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Tim Wildmon, President
American Family Association

P.S. Please forward this e-mail message to your family and friends!

Follow the links and take action people. This kind of nonsense, fresh on the heels of the Folsom obscenity, is growing more and more insidious every day.

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