About Myth vs Fact

The Myth vs Fact series of articles is intended to publicize the evidence which proves that Islam is not a religion of peace. The series began with quotes from the Qur’an. Those quotes included commands to make war, genocide & terrorism. They also included exhortations to participate and threats of damnation issued to non-participants.

Most of those posts included a single ayat with links to relevant topics in Ibn Kathir’s Tafsir. A few of them included several related ayat where context is significant.

The series continues with hadith which clarify and reinforce those ayat. Each post includes links to the source of the quote. By means of those links, the reader can verify the quote and explore the context.

Myth vs Fact was created as a follow up to  the 14 part Know Thine Enemy series.  Know Thine Enemy presented too much information to be easily absorbed. Myth vs Fact intentionally runs to the other extreme.

The myth: “Islam is a religion of peace.”  The fact: Islam was concocted by a brigand for the purpose of motivating his companions to engage in piracy for his enrichment & empowerment.  The evidence which demonstrates the truth of that statement is distributed throughout the Myth vs Fact series.

5 Responses

  1. […] Miss Beth (hates Muslims, blogs with arms and legs, see below) explains that we misunderstand her project: About Myth vs Fact […]

  2. It’s so nice when people give me publicity…even if they can’t be bothered to 1) follow directions to go to the main blog site and 2) don’t have the balls to go to the main blog site and 3) get their panties in a wad because they can’t stand the plain unvarnished facts and 4) when the actual author goes to their place to discuss things rationally with Gavin, still go after me, personally.

    And we wonder why the country is fucked up?

    By the way, it’s not muslims I hate–it’s islam–learn the difference, morons. EDIT–neither muslim nor islam is capitalized on purpose. DUH!

    After reading your comment threads and seeing you couldn’t chase your tails out of a wet paper bag without explicit directions, here’s the main site: http://missbethsvictorydance.blogspot.com/ Maybe you can learn how to click on that and get to the main site. Ben’s articles are there as well, but so is a whole lot more guaranteed to make your heads explode in your apopleptic, indignant outrage.

    And, while reading the sewer filth coming out of your comment lines, I have never commented on your site–even though you seem to think I did. Why don’t you show me where I allegedly commented? While you’re at it, why don’t you compare writing styles between me and Ben? It’s obvious we’re two different people, even if you aren’t able to tell the difference. Sane people can tell the difference.

  3. Islam is Moe’s scheme for enslaving mankind. Muslims are hhis first slaves. That’s the vital difference.

    The secondary problem: Muslims practice Islam, thus enslaving ever greater numbers of people.

  4. Beth… that IS the point.. “sane people” can tell the difference… they are simply proving they are not “sane”.

  5. One can always tell when the idiots of the Sadly crowd are proving their stupidity and this is a classic example.

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