Stop the ACLU! Weekly Roundup 10/20-11/03/2007

I’ve gotten a bit behind, there’s been so much in the news. For an excellent round-up, click the links and visit Stop the ACLU! LOTS of GREAT stuff there, laid out better than I can do. Head on over and be prepared to spend a lot of time there catching up!

Second Grader Suspended for Drawing Gun
ACLU: Do Away With Prayer in Government Bodies
Larry Cirignano Triumphs Over ACLU Bullying And Phony Charges
Disgusting Group Turns Marine Funeral Into a “Circus”
Flag Folding Ceremony Banned Nationwide
ACLU Continue Fight For Terror Advocate Visa
Teen Challenges Moment-of-Silence Law
Scout Supporters Crash Philly Mayor’s Email
Why is Ron Paul Paying 9/11 Truther Conspiracy Nut, Alex Jones?
Fred Thompson Lazy; Whatever
Project Valour IT
Ron Paul’s First Action As President
ACLU-Authorities Create “Climate of Fear” by Upholding the Law
Indiana Court Upholds Constitution Against ACLU Attack
Voters In Berkley to Vote On Nativity
Albert Snyder, Father of Slain Marine, Wins Lawsuit Against Westboro Baptist Church
ACLU: We Destroyed the First Amendment In Order to Save It
Burn a Flag, Get Extra Credit For College Course
ACLU Disappointed in Congress For Promoting Teen Abstinence

Victim of DC Sniper Speaks Out
Who Is The Most Conservative Candidate?
Nickelodeon Brainwashing Your Children
Rosie O’Donnell Returns to Television to Scare Children on Halloween
Fred Phelps Freaks Out At Fred Sanchez Over Losing Snyder Suit
Hillary Plays the Victim Card In New Campaign Ad
Hillary Clinton: Short on Straight Answers
Condi Gets a Subpoena

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