Lupita Sanchez: Been There, Done That–Illegal Immigration From An Immigrant’s Point of View

I have posted before about my friend and colleague who is an immigrant to Arizona. She started out illegal; however, she paid her fines and did it legally. She became a legal citizen December 15, 2006. She has a son serving in the U.S. Navy, she works hard, not just a full time job, but 3-4 part time jobs as well.

She has finally reached her tipping point on the immigration issue in Tucson, the fuse finally being lit by the sob story of an illegal at Catalina High School and the student protests following the deportation of said student (who had been arrested for alleged possession of illegal substances and appearance of being under the influence of a narcotic, a 17 year old FRESHMAN–see how accommodation works, people?) and his family. They had been in Tucson illegally for six years. By the way, who employed this illegal for 6 years?

This is Lupita’s (she has given me permission to reveal her name) story, written by her. If anyone can speak to point in this issue, it is her. For those who don’t like what she has to say, too bad–she’s ready to take y’all on. As she says, “the bigger the wave, the better the surfing.”

If I hear one more time about a high school kid and his family being targets of deportation, the way the local authorities became involved and how the local authorities handled the protests being held by students and residents, I’m going to be literally sick. No…really…I will get up and go and throw up.

Since yesterday [November 7, 2007], when the story broke and I heard it on our local TV network, KGUN9, I have only heard–once–why this kid and his family were “targeted” for

KGUN9 broke the story saying that a local high school student from Catalina High School had been caught with marijuana. OK, so naturally, as in any other school (I hope), the school contacted the local authorities who in turn contacted USCIS; thus their involvement in the deportation matter.

So, now I’m up early in the morning and again, all I’m hearing about is this student and family being deported, about the people protesting and how unfair the local authorities have been in their involvement throughout this. No mention of drugs.

I’ve heard all about how outraged all the people protesting this deportation are. I’ve seen students outside the school proudly waving the Mexican flag in honor of one of the “fallen ones”.

Let’s see–this dumb ass gets caught, in school, with pot and now he and his whole family–who have been here illegally–are going to be deported.

Okay. For those who got lost in the “Civil Rights Movement” protests, let me break it down. HE WAS CAUGHT WITH DOPE, DRUGS, POT, ILLEGAL SUBSTANCES ON SCHOOL GROUNDS. If he were Mexican, Anglo-Saxon, African-American, Asian–who the hell cares? His ass belongs to the local authorities.

If I were this dumb shit’s mom, you better believe I’d be beating the pure crap out of him right now for getting the whole family deported. But we seem to have lost track of that.


It is against the law to cross our borders illegally! It is against the law to carry illegal substances! It is against the law to consume illegal substances!

Now here is what I think:

Don’t think for one minute by turning illegal aliens into victims you are making things better for them. You are only helping ignorance grow. You are the cause of the Spanish speaking immigrants becoming pussies and you are only making us the targets of further hate.

You extremists, who have nothing better to do but raise your arm of justice to defend the helpless, are turning these proud, hard working people into wimps. You are single-handedly destroying thousands of years of culture and generations of people full of pride and honor and are now raising a new breed of puppets who have become nothing but victims of society.

You want to do some good? You want to make this great American country better? Why do you lobby in favor of those of us here, living in it? Here’s something you can help change: Child Support enforcement and stronger laws against dead beat parents! How’s that for a challenge?

You want to make a difference in the world by helping those on the outside of your own home first? How ridiculously dysfunctional.

As I understood it, Democracy stood for Righteousness, for the right to live free from oppression and tyranny, for the right to work hard and be respected, for the right to speak and be heard and for the right to fight to make a better life for yourself, among other things.

People migrating to this country hundreds of years ago did not do so because they heard they could get free health care and free welfare, even if you weren’t a citizen of this country. Those newly arrived Americans came here with pride intact and worked hard to build a new world.

Liberals like those fighting for this kid’s “civil rights” are slowly destroying all the pillars that built this great country into what it is today. [Emphasis mine]

Let’s not lose focus here. Democracy does not stand for “If you f-up, you won’t have to pay.” There are consequences to everything and please don’t believe for one minute all those illegal immigrants crossing our borders don’t know about consequences. They lived under the constant arm of consequence. Consequences that make you disappear from one day to the next, simply by speaking out.

Extreme is called just that, for a reason. How sad all these people running from a world only a few can imagine, come into this one where Extreme Liberals, standing right on the border, are greeting them with great big signs reading, “Come on in. You are welcome no matter how you come in, no matter why or no matter carrying what. You will be protected, defended and you will be given–not earned–the right to become a part of our society, even when you break our laws.”

Immigrants are here for the right to EARN a better life. Democracy, when proposed and executed, was not done so with the intent of stripping another human of their pride.

Democrats! What a joke! [Emphasis mine]

If you ask, “And what earns you the right to speak for all of those we protect?” I have EARNED the right by being one of them. I came here illegally but I paid my penalties when I did and I applied for residency to stay here legally. Further, I had to wait for YEARS to EARN the right to become a Citizen, and, make no mistake, I have EARNED every bit of my becoming a Citizen.

I have EARNED the right to speak out when I am working a full time job and 3-4 part time jobs at a time, only to supplement for the lack of child support I receive from my ex-husband who’s sitting on his ass choosing not to pay child support.

I have EARNED the right when, instead of lobbying for putting dead beat dads like my ex-husband in jail, Liberals are out prancing around filling themselves full of shallow pride for becoming the great defenders of the undefended. [Emphasis mine]

You Democrats out there reading this, want to EARN my newly-EARNED right to vote? Help me lobby for stronger laws against dead beat parents, beginning with the state of Arizona.

Can any of you out there say it any better than Lupita? Can any of you speak to her experience from her perspective? She knows what she’s talking about because she’s lived it. Walk in her shoes and see it from her point of view before you decide you’re going to be a “do-gooder” out to save all those poor illegals.

When I met her, her English was flawless. I had no clue English was her second language. She credits her success–and make no mistake, the woman is a definite success and a decided “winner”–with IMMERSION NOT ACCOMMODATION.

When are all you idiot feel-good liberals going to start listening to those who know what they’re talking about? The troops, the people who elected you, the people living the situations…wake up and start listening–as Sister Mary Louise used to say, shut your mouths and open your ears. You might learn something.

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