ANOTHER Action Alert-Islamofacism Shari’a Law

From ANewtOne:


A Newt One is asking all bloggers to take immediate action to express your outrage at the cruel and inhuman sentence handed down on a defenseless victim of rape.

A 19 year old Saudi girl is facing 200 lashes and 6 months in prison because she was gang raped. Please take immediate action, via the links provided, to bring pressure to bear to prevent this horrific act of inhuman violence in the warped name of justice.

Official Saudi Site:
Saudi Embassy in DC
Saudi DC Contact page
US Embassy in Saudi
Contact page
The White House:

The following is the letter we are sending.

Dear ________________,
We have read with outrage and abject horror that a defenseless 19 year old girl is facing the 200 lashes and six months in jail after the supposed crime of being raped. This kind of savagery and barbarism has no place in a civilized society. We have listened attentively as we have been told that Islam is a Religion of Peace. It is time for you to prove it. We, the citizens of America demand immediate action and a full pardon of this woman. It is time for these barbaric people to come out of the 7th century.

A Newt One

Remember, action is needed now. We don’t know how much time this poor girl has.

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