Saturday Morning Indoctrination 101

Like most people my age (46), we grew up in an era when there was no cable TV and cartoons were the staple of Saturday mornings. These were the cartoons of a bygone age, Looney Tunes, Hannah-Barbera, Bugs Bunny, Scooby Doo, the Jetsons, etc.

Commercials were for the latest sugar laden cereal (when do you think Count Chocula, BooBerry and FrankenBerry, not to mention Cap’n Crunch, etc. got their start?) or the coolest new toy, often an upgrade for Barbie and Friends or the latest “Talking” doll for girls or the Hot Wheels racetracks with “loop the loop action” for boys.

Fast forward to today.

One channel (ABC) is an extension of Disney’s latest political correctness crap, with the usual nonsense of kids outsmarting adults all the time (indicating Disney’s real feelings toward adults)–shows such as “The Suite Life of Zach and Cody”, “Hannah Montana”, etc. Keep in mind Disney is also ultimately responsible for foisting such train wrecks as Brittney and Jamie Spears upon us, in direct contrast to the formerly wholesome kids Disney used to launch.

Several channels run 1/2 hour long “ads” for the EPA and “Green” Party, disguised as “cartoons” (one even had an episode today about humans saving dinosaurs from being hunted to extinction).

No more escapism fun.

But–it gets even better. The Global Warming hysteria has reached new lows with an ad that debuted in March, 2006 and which gained prominence in conjunction with CBS’ propaganda realism show, “Kid Nation”.

This is from the AdCouncil and is called “Tick”.

From the AdCouncil’s website here:

Global Warming

Sponsor Organization: Environmental Defense
Campaign Website:
Volunteer Agency: Ogilvy & Mather, New York

Global Warming. It may seem like an impossible problem: The Arctic ice is melting, storms are becoming fiercer, the resulting climate change is upsetting invaluable ecosystems, and the pollution is damaging our health.

But there is still time. Reversing the trend of global warming trend is possible and depends not only on the efforts of environmental scientists and researchers, governments of all nations, and leaders of business and industry, but just as importantly, it depends on the daily habits of regular people.

It is these regular people that this campaign hopes to inspire. The PSAs take a powerful, emotional approach to reach Americans with the message that global warming is an urgent problem that requires their immediate action.

The PSAs drive audiences to the website The site provides information on the the causes, science, and consequences of global warming. A large part of the site focuses on what every person can do to reduce their energy consumption and therefore do their part to help slow and reverse global warming.

The campaign launched in March 2006.

Here’s the ad:


Can we please, PLEASE have a reality check here? We have a whole generation being indoctrinated to the Global Warning agenda without any facts being given to them. And propaganda it indeed is.

Does anyone know how to do ANY research for themselves any more? Or is this entire generation further proof of the sheeple in Congress, offspring of the those infected with the disease called “Liberalism”? Are they that anxious to throw their money after lies–and the high priest of the global warming liars, the Goracle himself?

Wake UP people–this is nothing but sham snake oil, smoke and mirrors masquerading as real science. And you liberal sheeple are total idiots, throwing your money after those hypocrites profiting from it, begging them to take your money and walk all over you.

Are you so desperate you actually want a nanny-state? Like the laws being proposed in California where the GOVERNMENT controls your thermostat by remote control or what activity you can or can’t engage in while in your own home (dammit, if I want to SMOKE in my house, who is the government to tell me I can’t? If I want FRIED onion rings who is the government to tell me I can’t have them? Who is the government to tell me what kind of condoms to use based on their “Green” rating?)?

You liberals dare, DARE to accuse conservatives of being Orwellian, but here’s a newsflash for you: it’s NOT conservatives proposing this idiocy and it’s NOT conservatives buying into the hype. It’s NOT conservatives telling you how to live your lives.

It’s liberals–and, as Michael Savage says, “Liberalism is a Mental Disorder”.

How true. Too bad liberals are too stupid following their fellow sheeple over the cliff and saying “control us, control us” to the government to realize their own stupidity and mental illness.

Get help, people. Really–you need it desperately.

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