Lest We Forget…

South Carolina voters came out and voted for Barack HUSSEIN Obama in overwhelming numbers. It was, however, a divisive vote, with the majority of his voters being black. Okay–he at least inspired people to get out and vote and that’s a good thing.

However…lest we forget…

This is a man who wants to have tea with tyrants–and these tyrants at least have the wherewithal to fake some sort of respect by wearing a lapel flag. Where’s Obama’s? It’s MIA because he doesn’t feel the need to show any kind of respect or patriotism to the country he wants to lead.

Then, of course, there is this–at least Hillary fakes her respect by properly placing her hand over whatever substitutes for a heart in the area most commonly associated with the human organ (her membership in the species homo sapiens is questionable). Where are Obama’s hands?

Tea with tyrants and no respect for the symbols of the country he wants to lead. Forget his drug use, how about his muslim ties? Oh, I heard his little apologetics speech, but that doesn’t settle the question. Particularly in light of his constant appeasement of islam in the name of “getting along”.

This man is dangerous, folks. Pull your heads out and don’t be fooled. Dorian Gray sold his soul to look appealing all his life as well.

And yes, like my friend Snooper, I question all of the democratic candidates patriotism–as well as the patriotism of the entire party.

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