A bomb threat against the Gathering of Eagles…UPDATED



A little over an hour ago, Michelle Malkin posted this:

I am pointing you to this left-wing nut’s threat so you know what we are up against–and to ensure that the screencap is saved. […]

She has the screen capture of the blog post threatening the Gathering of Eagles with a bomb threat. This is the actions of “peace groups”? I think not. They want an armed confrontation? Bring it on.

This shows that we Eagles are having an adverse affect on these pathetic anti-Americanists and if the government wishes this kind of activity so they don’t have to do their jobs in the name of political correctness, so be it.



Now the foolish IVAW coward is backing down the rhetoric due to its cowardice and empty suit garbage…what a pathetic cretin.


Looks like the moron got FIRED from the US Army…kind of hard to do unless, naturally, one is a whining and sniveling dunce…

Today, Knappenberger is a disillusioned Iraq War veteran, four months out of the military and on a one-man mission as a peace activist campaigning against Defense Department policies that he believes unethically support the continuation of the war. […]

Idiot…just like the rest of the cowards of IVAW…can’t accept responsibility for their own stupidity.


I took some screen shots of this poor thing’s original post and the following waffling post as well to display what a fraud this pathetic “peace movement” creature is…IT is no more a peace activist than I am a supporter of the dweeb Obama…

This is the originating “innocent” threat

The next two are the screeds of an idiot IVAW member…

So, I ask our loyal readers and listeners, are the above the ramblings of a “peaceful” and “honorable” person or are they the ramblings of an emotionally unsound and raving lunatic? I am just curious.
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