War News: We Have Lost The War


Well? This is the end. The mightiest military known to man has been defeated. All the funding. All the training. All the dedication. All for nothing. Well, perhaps not all for nothing but, to what end? Where do we go from here, pray tell? We have lost the war. Can this be for real? Is this the end of American Exceptionalism? What do we tell our children and our children’s children?

As losers of the war, when do we get the funding to rebuild our nation and from whom do we receive the dolling of funds? From whom do we seek restitution? When can we expect to see the humanitarian aid begin to roll onto our streets? Which Flag do we fly now? To whom do we swear allegiance? Will our conquerers be genteel, sweet and kind – or benevolent? Will they look upon us with mercy and help us to understand our evil ways? Or, will we be left to figure out our own way from here on out?

Will we be subjugated to tribal rivalry of marauding vipers? Will there be law and order? Will our children be safe from harm and immune from re-education camps? Will we be allowed to keep our children or will they be swept away from us to be seen or heard from no more? My God! My God! Why hast thou forsaken us?

Sounds pretty pathetic, does it not? If we stop for a moment and listen to the Socialists within our own government, does it not sound exactly as Ayman al-Zawahiri? From CNN:

“Where the American invasion stands now, after five years, is failure and defeat,” the voice on the tape — supposedly that of Ayman al-Zawahiri — said in the roughly 16-minute recording, which was posted Thursday on several militant Islamist Web sites. […]

From The Jawa Report via AFP:

al-Qaeda number two Ayman al-Zawahiri said that building Iraq as a “fortress of Islam” is the “most important duty” for Muslims, in an audio message released Thursday according to the SITE monitoring service… […]

Now, who does that remind you of? I already know the answer because I have written on this and talked about this on many a BTR episode, on my shows and others. Let us see how many of you out there know the answer. Name the politicians and other idiots and place a link in the comments section, if you will.

I have stated time and time again that I am not sure which party or parties are coaching and/or listening to whom or which one initiates the lessons in talking dulls. However, the message is clear…they talk the identical language. Know this…the terrorists – the enemy – speak the same language of the political leadership of the American Democrat Party as a whole and partially – at a minimum – of the American Republican Party. This cannot be denied although the socialist democrats of all manner of incidence try to shrug it off. They are treasonous. They are seditious. They are subversive. They are defeatists. They are cowards.

When our own politicians and news outlets and Leftinistra sluts and whores spout such inanities, does it not embolden the enemy and enable the enemy? Clearly, someone is listening and directing somebody here. I have never accepted the premise of coincidence. I reject the very idea of a coincidental. To me, coincidence does not exist. It is a cop-out and a cowards’ excuse to ignore specific facts. Don’t even try to convince me otherwise because it will fall on deaf ears.

Who was it that said, “The war is lost”? And, how many have agreed and repeated the mantra? Do you know? Do you care? Do you give a damn? The hint(s) are herein. And here. And here. And here. And, that is just the beginning. OK. One more hint. But that’s all, dammit. If you actually go read all of that material, I won’t see you for a week or more.

Contrary to the whining of the Leftinistra as they howl foul and devour each other as the identity politics of the weak spirited and emotional sycophants befalls them, we all know that the enemy strongly desires for the socialist democrats and republicans, as well as socialist independents, to have total and complete control of the federal government. Why? It is because the socialists are a weak bunch and cowardly and believe that the enemy can be talked to and appeasement is their game.

[I]f the liberals dominate and win, and are in power for four, eight years or more, they don’t take Islamofascism as a threat. And we know this because the Islamofascists are actually campaigning for the election of Democrats. Islamofascists from Ahmadinejad to al-Zawahiri, Oba – Osama bin Laden, whoever, are constantly issuing Democrat talking points. […]

That was Rush Limbaugh, the Founder of Operation Chaos.


It isn’t a big secret. The enemy has often “warned” the American Leftinistra to fall in line and retreat from the war. Why the Leftinistra howl and whine about it is indeed a mystery. The similarities of the socialist democrat and the Jihadi scum terrorist are mirror images. I have written at length on this subject and it is “Rather” difficult to keep track of the nearly 6K pieces I have penned. I do believe that this one here will lead to several and the originating piece ruffled some Leftinistra feathers because I questioned then, as I do now, the Patriotism of the individuals, groups and organizations that speak the same language as the enemy – and do it openly – and then try to condemn those that expose it for what it is – TREASON. When one aids and abets – when one does render aid and comfort to the enemy – that is TREASON and there is no way around it. Hiding behind the United States Constitution to commit treason doesn’t negate the fact of the treason committed.

Does it?

If we only had leaders in this country that had a spine and moral fortitude to enforce it…

The problem that I see and have seen for years is this; to whom and to what are they “patriotic” to and towards?

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