Answering Nassem

HT to Ben at ANewtOne for the heads up on this article.

The grammar lacks perfection but the expose of Islam and Muhammad is undeniable.

By Ibn Misr

This was a comment by Nasseem, a muslima to boot, as she describes herself, on one of our postings that I figured to answer it on the front page for the benefit of all muslims, and our readers.

As we always say, no one exposes islam, better than muslims, and islam itself, of course.

Nasseem said (unedited): “Assalamau Laikum Hal, I am no christian….only a good human being and muslima to boot and there’s lot of good muslims in this world…but you peoples will never allow us to have this. For me christianity is childish. Throughout history who ever gets slapped on the cheek makes the instigator pay…one way or another…they don’t turn the other cheek….this is against human nature. Stay your hand if you want to…but then don’t worry or complain about repeatedly being slapped on both sides….if that’s your fate…and of course others love you for it….hey that’s your outlook, but it’s not going to be mine. Also I think it’s a hard enough concept to pray to a god….and christianity wants you to pray to a ghost as well…I mean how wierd is the concept of trinity. Thirdly…christianity is male domianted…there’s a male god who has a male son (only)…where’s the daughter(s) in this story? There’s virtually no femaninty in christianity…where as in Islam womens are given pride of place and proper respect. So…I simply could not be or convert to christianity…I cannot belong because of the lack of respect for us womens.”

Dear Nassem, I would like to thank you for your contribution with your comments, and also invite all muslims to our open forum, and un-moderated comments section to express freely their opinions. We are here to learn, and reach for the truth about islam. No one is better placed than muslims to teach us and answer our questions. Even when muslims don’t answer our questions, it proves to be the best answer that confirms the facts we expose..

As for stating that you’re not a Christian, you don’t need to say it. Your language and your state of mind exposes you. I mean your Islamic mind, which is apart from the normal human mind. It’s not me saying this, but your “most honorable” prophet, stating that muslim women are “deficient in religion and brain,” and the Koran puts your value at half a man. And I take it for granted that you agree. Otherwise you won’t be a “muslima to boot.”

Actually, your prophet also compared you with dogs and donkeys, and allowed your husband to beat you, So definitely, with all these attributes, you can’t fool anyone and pass for a Christian.

Christianity elevates every person, men and women. The God of the Bible said, “He created man on His own image, and created Eve to be “A helper comparable to him. Genesis 1:18.”

You see, God said “Comparable,” not half, but comparable to the man, not to dogs and donkeys that should be beaten. And how would you qualify this saying of your prophet, ” The woman advances and retires in the shape of a devil. From Sahih Muslim, the book of Nikah (intercourse), book 8 #3240,” in the pride of place, or proper respect section?

That should answer your “Christianity is male dominated.”

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