Republican vs. Conservative-Another Savage Gem

Most of you know by now, I listen to Savage on the drive home. While the man is most definitely passionate in his beliefs, there is also a significant amount of truth in what he says.

I have been a Republican all my life. I would never consider being a democrat because a democrat is diametrically opposed to my core beliefs. I’m finding the Republican party is becoming as diametrically opposed as well. Savage promotes a foundation of border, culture and language–and I happen to agree. I also like his term–Independent Nationalist. I had thought about Independent Conservative (ICon) to describe myself, but IndNat’l seems to fit me better.

Remember–the biggest danger to the enemy within is a person who can think for themself.

Therefore, keeping the above in mind, I bring you Savage’s Republican vs. Conservative:

Republicans vs. Conservatives

The voices of those who call themselves conservative are propagandizing the airwaves. You can hear the Golfer defending high gas prices as a necessary part of the free market, that there shouldn’t be an FDA to protect us from salmonella, that illegal aliens are just doing the jobs Americans won’t do, and attacking the minimum wage as being anti-job. This is garbage. These people are globalist liberals masquerading as free marketers. They have taken the Golfer’s Kool-Aid. And more importantly, while they may be Republicans, they are most definitely not conservatives. I’ve said time and time again on this program that I’m a conservative, not a Republican. There’s a huge difference between the two.

  • Republicans are for AIDS money to Africa. Conservatives are for aid to working American citizens.
  • Republicans are for letting the free market decide that $5 a gallon gas is OK. Conservatives are for compelling foreign oil producers to increase production and reduce prices, by force if necessary.
  • Republicans are for bailing out billionaire money manipulators on Wall Street while you wait in line at the hospital behind an illegal alien. Conservatives are for letting Wall Street hucksters pay for their own mistakes and sending the illegal back to Mexico.
  • Republicans are for letting market forces decide if your food has fecal matter in it. Conservatives are for enforcing basic food safety standards so that Mexican farm workers can’t crap in the fields and make you sick.
  • Republicans think bringing in illegal aliens is an amnesty. Conservatives think brining in illegal aliens is a travesty.
  • Republicans want a strong global economy. Conservatives want a country. Republicans think that child porn on the internet is freedom from government. Conservatives know that smut is a poison that must be snuffed out.

America thought Bush was a conservative. He turned out to be just a Republican. And while there are Republicans who are conservatives, too, don’t let the “R” after the name fool you. Let the voter – and the listener – beware.

Well worth thinking about, ladies and gentlemen. Are you a party lemming/sheeple or are you an indpendent thinker, capable of observing, researching and making your own decisions and acting upon those decisions?

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