B*N*S*N (aka Good News Friday..lol)

By popular demand! Well, actually, because I WANT to share GOOD NEWS! Background: For over a year, a group of bloggers have been sharing Good News on Fridays. Yes, wherever our troops are, there is ALWAYS good news, we KNOW this. It was decided that on Fridays – at least – we would share the GOOD NEWS! Call this our effort at public service. 😉 Sharing news the msm doesn’t seem to think is “fit to print.”

Iraqi army shows great growth in year

WASHINGTON (Army News Service, Jun. 26, 2008) — The Iraqi army has grown by 60 percent in the last year, and stands now at nearly 180,000 soldiers. The army is also now training its own soldiers, and its effectiveness in combat has allowed it to concentrate more on improving logistics and supply chains.

Brig. Gen. Steven L. Salazar said that during the last year, the Iraqi army has built up internal momentum and has taken the reins for themselves on many soldier training functions.

“More and more the Iraqis are doing training for themselves now,” Salazar said….

A soldier from the 2nd Battalion, 31st Brigade, 8th Iraqi Army Division, talks with a Sons of Iraq member during Operation Gunslinger Prowl I, a combined Iraqi and Multi-National Division – Baghdad mission focused at ridding the Taji Qada, northwest of Baghdad, of illegal weapons and improvised-explosive devices June 19. The Iraqi army, now nearly 180,000 soldiers, has grown 60 percent in the last year. The army is growing in both capacity and capability. Photo by Sgt. Brad Willeford

And that just ONE B*N*S*N which you can read here.


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