Mexican Human Traffickers Behead Young Girl in Florida For Resisting Rape

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One has to wonder why this hasn’t been reported by the major news outlets, why outrage hasn’t been expressed, and why it took a blogger to bring the Florida House of Representatives -State Affairs Committee video segment to our attention?

The YouTube video above is a portion of the original public record which is linked below and the part in the video above can be found 2 hours 18 minutes and 20 seconds in to this video of the State Affairs Committee, in the Florida House of Representatives, discussing immigration legislation on April 8, 2008. (You can fast forward to the appropriate time mark)

This was public testimony on House bill 287g and at the time mentioned above, Bill Stewart, Deputy Chief of Staff for Florida Attorney General Bill McCollum, steps up to the microphone and is given 90 seconds to speak and the excerpt below is part of his public statement.


It is impossible to separate national security issues from illegal immigration, and one of the most important illegal immigration issues in Florida is the issue of human trafficking”.

I think one of the most predominant ones, or issue of most important to the state of Florida is the issue of human trafficking.

Florida is the number one state in the nation for human trafficking.

And I will just leave you with a recent story that occurred in the panhandle.

There were several girls that were trafficked into the panhandle from Mexico. These girls were raped repeatedly over a week’s period of time, and one of them actually resisted while she was being raped.

So the smugglers grabbed all of these girls, chained them in chairs, and put them in a room. They brought in the girl who refused to be raped, and they beheaded her, in front of all of the other girls that were in that room. And they left them there, with her body, and those little girls, for several hours…

This is the reality, of dangerous criminal aliens, in our state, and what happens. They do not care about life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. What they care about is money, and people are merely an avenue to get them to their needs.”

This was reported on by HyScience, a blogger.

A search on google news for this story brings up nothing from major news papers which begs the question of why?

Back in 2004, CNN reported that Florida was one of the top three destinations for human traffickers, along with New York and Texas, according to the Center for the Advancement of Human Rights at Florida State University.

There are arrests and indictments on a regular basis in Florida, such as on May 8, 2008 when the Department of Justice issued a news release about a man pleading guilty to charges of human trafficking and alien smuggling.

That man, Cadena-Sosa, conspired with his family and smuggled women and girls into the United States and forced them to work in brothels with intimidation, violence, and threats of physical harm, until the “smuggling debt” had been paid off.

Human trafficking is nothing new to Florida but when a young girl is brought to the United States of America, raped and beheaded in front of other girls…is this not news worthy?

Is her life and death just being casually ignored or did this somehow slip through the cracks of journalism?

Is anyone paying attention anymore?

(Thanks to Norman for the email)

[Update] The fact that I cannot find this incident reported in any news media outlet kept bothering me, so I have sent the Attorney General of Florida, Bill McCollum, an email asking for a few questins about the incident his Deputy Chief of Staff spoke about.


Attorney General Bill McCollum,

I am writing to request some information on an incident that your Deputy Chief of Staff, spoke about at a meeting of the State Affairs Committee, in the Florida House of Representatives, discussing immigration legislation on April 8, 2008.

In his statement which I have just recent wrote about and watched the video of, he describes an incident he refers to as “recent” where a young girl was smuggled into the panhandle of Florida and after resisting rape, was then beheaded in front of other girls as an example.

I am writing to request the date this happened and why it hasn’t been reported in the major news organizations as of yet.

I would also like to get the answers to a few questions about the incident, for the record, if at all possible.

1. Was anybody arrested in relation to this case?

2. How did your office become aware of the crime?

3. Why has there been no coverage in the media?

I thank you for your time and hopefully the information asked for.

Respectfully,Susan Duclos

Lets see if he answers. It was worth a shot.

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