Obama And Unilateral Disarmament

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By Boaz on Friday, August 15, 2008 12:08:54 AM

No bombs (or guns, or missiles or not even bullets) in NObama’s military. The You Tube video lets NObama say it all in his own ignorant words. Komrade NObama, you make us all so very Proud. You dimwitted moron. Go back to Chicago and learn how to be a real mobster, then come back and show us how hairy your testicles are.

On second thought, don’t show us that, just tell us, that should be enough. We know you won’t lie to us about it, (unless your lips are moving.)

After reading “A Conservative In Cincinnati” ( davecatbones blog ) post this evening I remembered getting a link to this YouTube video of NObama promising to unilaterally disarm the United States.

Very impressive Komrade Nobama, very impressive.

So now that the Russians are in Georgia, and looking at the Ukraine and most likely Poland, IF you were the President and Savior of the world, just how roughly would you talk to the Russians?

Would you do the Monty Pythonesque threat? Would you threaten them with the “Comfy Chair”

The Russians would probably pull back out of Georgia, sell the Black Sea Fleet for scrap metal and fold up their collective commie tents for sure.

Vote for NObama.
The Moron we all deserve?



Perhaps this is what  Nobama, the new KIC ( Komrade In Charge ) has in mind for our new military.

Maybe this will scare all the bad guys with these remarkable, new technological advancements in weaponry.
Nobama and his new Department of Defense

 No guns but at least the troops will have armor!


No bullets for youz and NO arrows either.



Guns but no bullets for you guys and no gas thanks to Komrade Pelosi. Got to watch those carbon credits don’t ya know.

Nobama Airfarce


Nobama Class Carrier MK I SBD “Wind Mobile Recon”

 Just think of all the money we’ll save.

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