PUMAS Are Welcomed Here!

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Tonight begins the True American Republican National Convention. And it is fitting that on this momentous occasion that we give a salute to those men and women who have jumped from the Moonbat Express Democratic Party and are joining with the Republicans in Minneapolis, Minnesota. These men and women of conscience see their country becoming less than what it should be. They feel abused, neglected and unloved. Tonight they will feel the love of Americans. That I can assure you.

You will not hear the refrain of Yes We Can, nor the mantra of Change or Hope. What you will hear is the truth. The truth about America. The way the nation will change for the better and the hope for those yet born.

There are many of you who are blue-collar workers, struggling to make ends meet. You feel the pinch every time oil prices rise, yet the Democrats leading Congress have gone on vacation. They care not that you spend 3x what you did only 2 years ago to put gas in your car. They care not that your jobs are going overseas at an alarming rate. They care not that your neighborhoods are becoming unsafe due to the influx of criminals illegally in this nation. They care not that American Values and American Ideals are being destroyed by the nefarious liberals in Hollywood.

Tonight we start the last, but longest leg of a remarkable journey. A journey that started over a year ago and has traveled to every corner of the nation. A journey that when completed will end (with G-d’s help) at the White House in Washington, D.C.

This journey was started alone by one man, John McCain, when all the so-called experts said he doesn’t have a chance, when one after another member of his support team left him, John McCain stayed in the race. He beat the odds and won the nomination. That was the first leg.

The second leg was the lull of the summer. While Barack Hussein Obama went on his world-wide tour, John McCain was visiting Americans. While Obama refused to visit with wounded soldiers, John McCain went to VA Hospitals. While Obama showed disrespect to Hillary Clinton and her supporters, John McCain reached out at them. The media said that there was no way that John McCain could ever beat Barack Hussein Obama, the polls were against him. But by the Moonbat Express, they were neck and neck. Then Obama did the worst thing in American Politics. He showed off his ego. The bounce he got from his jump into the air, was very small. And he landed on his face. For the very next day, John McCain did something different . He chose a wonderful running partner. A woman who had more experience than Obama. A woman with good American Values and a beautiful family to boot. A woman who respected our military men and women, the children of this nation born and unborn, and has led a great state. He choose Sarah Palin, the Governor of Alaska.

On Friday the last leg will begin. It will not be an easy race, for the Democrats are good runners, but it will be a clean one, using all the means necessary to see victory in November.

And you, the disenfranchised of America are welcomed to join in on it. There is a place for you at our table. It is set with fine bone china and silver. All that is missing is you. We are a large family, with many different ideas and faiths. We speak the same language, the language of understanding and compassion, of values and G-d, of strength and might. We see America as the shining beacon of freedom to the world.

So if you call yourself PUMA, or Independent, Democrat or Libertarian, we welcome you to his wonderful party and ask you to join in our cry:

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