Obama Meets Ahmadinejad by Proxy

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From Anti-Mullah:

Not waiting to be elected, Obama started secret, unconditional talks with the islamic regime of Mullah iran behind America’s back. By proxy.

And has reached an agreement with them!

Which partly explains why his advisor Tony Lake made his rather strange and very public statement to C-SPAN that his boss Obama wanted to go on record (again?) that the first order of priority when he was in the White House would be to start immediate – unconditional – talks with islamic iran.

We reported Tony Lake’s remark but the news behind it has only just reached us in usable form. Actual names of those involved will be divulged later.

Reportedly, through Obama VP candidate Joe Biden’s long standing friendship with the islamic regime’s established representative in the USA, Houshang AmirAhmadi, the Obama camp set up a meeting in the USA with an official delegate of the Mullahs.

Last week, three Iranian men and one Iranian woman, ostensibly Democrat activists but reportedly paid Mullah agents in the USA met at a restaurant with an fully authorized Obama senior representative and a man sent from Tehran by the islamic regime.

The Tehran man, dressed unusually in a suit and tie to avoid showing his Mullah regime status and membership in the islamic regime’s nuclear program, brought a slew of documentation with him, trying to prove the regime wanted peaceful use of their nuclear efforts.

The four Iranian locals were mostly window dressing.

He insisted that Tehran had about four hours of power blackouts a day and was desperately in need of nuclear powered electricity generation.

Nobody bothered to comment to the Obama representative that it would be completely in line with the Mullah regime to create artificial blackouts to irritate the populace into “demanding” a nuclear solution, which could be spoon fed to the West and as an explicit justification for the pursuit of additional uranium centrifuges.

The Mullah delegate offered a quid pro quo deal whereby if Obama supported the Mullah nuclear program when he got to the White House, islamic iran would guarantee that Israel would never be attacked by islamic iran.

The Israeli aspect being offered so Obama could backdoor this assurance to the Israelis and win their support for his election bid.

Again, nobody bothered to inform the Obama representative that islamic iran’s power structure is splintering on an almost daily basis and already consists of half a dozen power centers with about 15 key players vying with each other in a kaleidoscope of ever changing alliances – none of which can guarantee anything. Not even being there a few months from now.

Nor addressed the fact that one of the key players, former president and rival to both Ahmadi-Nejad and Supreme ruler Khamenei, “ayatollah” Hashemi-Rafsanjani stated in a recent Friday Prayer meeting over which he presided that the destruction of Israel was one of his highest priorities and it would not exist for much longer.

As a billionaire with a following inside the country he is a force with which to reckon and can sabotage any deal that the Mullah delegate makes with Obama.

The Mullah delegate also added the Mullahs would ramp up the efforts to promote Obama in this final stretch with money and Moslem shoe leather.

Sad to say, Obama, who refused to fly a single American flag in Denver at his Democratic convention is once again proving he will go to bed with the devil himself to win the race and has no apparent misgivings of placing America in danger from islamic iranian terrorism.

And, incidentally, who (other than the ambitious Obama) can ever believe or trust the Mullahs and their promises, so Obama’s selfish pact with the Mullah devil speaks volumes of how easily he can intentionally or by inexperience put us all in danger.

In closing, much to your surprise, perhaps, the Mullahs, because of their close ties to China and Russia, have established ever closer ties with Iranian Marxists and Communists around the world to achieve alliances to further their cause.

Obama fits exactly into that slot as a great Marxist-Islamist.

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