Clear the kitchen

There’s an old saying that goes: If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen.

Last night Sarah Palin proved that she CAN take the heat, and that she has no intention of giving up her “kitchen”. And the good ol’ boys can’t stand it. As expected the usual crowd (ya know, the old guard in the OLD media, and the Harry Reid cabal et al) are saying she was too “shrill”, not enough substance…on and on ad nauseum. Funny how they never accused Hillary of being “shrill”…;) And by the way? Where IS Hillary these days? Where are the ‘feminists’ – who spent years encouraging women that CAN have and do it all – rallying to Palin’s side?

The fact that the left has been jumping all over the McCain campaign generally and Palin specifically these last few days, proves to me that the recipe for this team is exactly on target. The msm has been bleating that Palin is an “unknown” and that she wasn’t vetted “properly”. Last night put those malicious lies to rest. I may be wrong, but I’m thinking the wind just went out of the Dems’ souffle.

During the past days, the msm has attacked Palin’s family in the most vicious ways. Trying to show what a terrible parent she is, they have repeated unfounded innuendo, and fanned the flames of disgusting rumours. Seems they can dish it out, but can’t take it. Last night Palin put the old guard and their media cronies on notice. There is a new chef in town, with new tools/implments. She proved she is proud of her family; has nothing to hide or apologise for. And now – of course – we have the critics saying she is exploiting her family. Excuse me? It is okay for Obama to parade his family, have his children included in family interviews by some of the lowest rags in America? Seems the Dems have two different sets of standards going here. There’s a shocker – NOT! Tsk. Tsk.

Last night Sarah Palin rolled up her sleeves and took over the kitchen. She proved to me that she is every bit as seasoned as any of the old hacks (errrrrrrr

She also proved – for me, and I suspect millions of American women – that women CAN have a place in the executive boardrooms of the nation. No wishy washy “oh, let’s try a pinch of this, and a teaspoon of that and see how it works.” She spoke directly on a number of issues and showed that her time in the PTA, in the “kitchen” of small town America, the Governor’s office of Alaska was well spent. Her working life, her record, clearly shows there is no magic ingredient in her climb up the political and corporate ladder. By her experience of hard work, and tossing out old ingredients that have not worked, Palin’s resume is a testimony to the basics values of what make America great:

family first, service to the country she honours. And she did all that without smearing her lipstick.;)

Palin’s palette of ingredients includes concepts like “honour”, “service,” “integrity” – words that have become dirty when manipulated, twisted by the usual cynical critics.

Sarah Palin just turned up the heat, roasted her critics. Watch for the old guard running for the hills – soon!

Vet That, Barack

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Going out on a limb here to say that Sarah Palin may not be the yokel that the MSM Obama lackeys have been making her out to be.

There’s some small town America for ya, you effete, delusional, never-gonna-get-it socialist nimrods.

Perhaps I’m not expressing myself clearly: Madame “Just A Small Town Mayor” just laid some serious smack down on Team Obie. Hell, her daughter is a tougher guy than your average male Democrat.

What we learned:

1) After enduring concerted, relentless attacks by an unhinged faux-journalist community that’s in the bag for Barack Obama, Sarah Palin emerged poised, tough and ready to go on the attack. Worse for the Dems-she was relaxed and smiling.

2) She may not know everything there is to know about foreign policy but she’s knows plenty about fighting.

3) Sarah Palin-Feminism We Can Believe In.

4) MSNBC has plenty bad to say about it-good enough for me!

5) Experience level? With far less practice in the national spotlight, Sarah Palin gave a speech as good as any Obama has given.

6) BTW, Democrats, McCain’s service to this country does matter and is the real story.

7) Republicans talk about national security, Democrats talk about windmills.

I did a quick perusal of the cable news joints. CNN had a lot of commercials on at first then I got to see them sink to yet another new low. Carl Bernstein accelerated the “McCain is going to die in office…” rhetoric that the press has been pimping since last Friday by asking “What happens if John McCain dies between now and November 4th, will this be the nominee of the Republican party?” When are they going to get their “McCain Death Watch” graphic to put on screen for their election coverage?

MSNBC did the “Yeah, but…” thing. NBC White House Correspondent David Gregory said she benefitted from “lowered expectations”. Lowered expectations? Everyone outside of the nuthole that is NBC News said she that it was imperative for Sarah Palin kill it tonight. She’s dealt with a family crisis and stepped onto a stage only one other woman has ever seen and fucking destroyed it.

How about those biased Fox News folks? Charles Krauthammer said it was a great speech but he still doubted her national security qualifications. They’re in bed with Obama now! Or maybe…

It was a great speech. She’s a woman who didn’t have to take a humiliating ride on her husband’s coattails to get here like another prominent female from this election. Despite the demented ramblings of David Gregory, everything was in place for this evening not to go well for Sarah Palin. There were millions of Republicans in America who still weren’t sold on her so it wasn’t all “Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy” with the party for her. One little hiccup and the Obama Bitches in the MSM would have been on her before she stepped off the stage. That they had to resort to sexist “lowered expectations” crap speaks volumes.

If she can hold her own in the debate Barack Obama might want to buy a house in one of those cool places he lived while growing up.

Myth vs Fact

Myth Fact
Islam: Religion of peace. Sahih Muslim Book 020, Number 4639:

It has been narrated on the authority of Anas b. Malik that the Messenger of Allah (may peace be upon him) said: Leaving (for Jihad) in the way of Allah in the morning or in the evening (will merit a reward) better than the world and all that is in it.


Says it all

From Yankeemom. Go read where this came from. And yes, as the creator of this cartoon says: we encourage you to republish and redistribute the cartoon. There are no royalties or restrictions involved.

Too subtle for the msm, ya think? Go here

Says it all

From Yankeemom. Go read where this came from. And yes, as the creator of this cartoon says: we encourage you to republish and redistribute the cartoon. There are no royalties or restrictions involved.

Too subtle for the msm, ya think? Go here

"Obama/Vitriol ’08-Smear We Can Believe In"

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That’s the ticket.

Get used to the gutter-crawling from the Left because that is really all they have to offer. You would think that the Changey/Hopey folk would want to offer forth a vision of what their transcendent candidate, less than one week removed from his “symphony” and “masterpiece” of a speech, can truly do for his country. Here’s what we’ve gotten from them so far:

Sarah Palin is a bad mother and John McCain is going to die at any moment.

If there was ever any doubt that the Main Stream Media lives on its knees in front of Obama’s zipper, the last few days should have erased it.

In anticipation of Gov. Palin’s speech tonight, the MSM Obama hacks have really ratcheted up the remarkably weak-ass attacks on her. It’s a veritable “symphony” of desperation. The attacks don’t have any substance, so they’re trying to overwhelm with sheer volume.

Let’s start with the most rapidly declining major city newspaper in America, The Los Angeles Times, which is now published from the back of a van in a downtown LA alley. It’s remaining subscriber alerted me to these stories. The Times features a couple of hit pieces on Sarah Palin today. There probably would have been more but they couldn’t afford the extra paper.

First, this one by Tim Rutten starts off highlighting what one of the Left’s major problems is with Sarah Palin:

“…there’s the fact that they appear unwilling to let her be alone with the media. God forbid anyone should ask about her views on, say, global warming — she doesn’t believe that human activity has anything to do with it. Perhaps they don’t want anyone to hear her explain why she opposes hate-crime laws?”

Well, Tim, she’s been preparing the most important speech of her life, taking care of a family crisis and, being the only true outsider in this race, meeting some key people. So, she’s been a little f-ing busy. Obeisance to an unfair media monster isn’t high on the GOP priority list these days.

Look at the questions he poses. I’ll translate: “How can you be a successful woman and not be a Democrat? It’s an outrage, I tell you!”

Along with the quick dispatching of Obama’s change theme, Sarah Palin also K.O.’d a tired feminist line that was never true in the first place. The feminists, still compromised from having disappeared when Bill Clinton was preying on young women, are spinning out of control now that their “either/or” view has been spanked all to bejesus. I assume that Tim Rutten is a believer in feminism because he has an opinion column in a major newspaper. Plus, his picture shows him to be bearded and burly, just like all the women at NOW and NARAL.

Make sure your stomach isn’t too full and read Rutten’s whole piece. He accuses McCain of trying to hide behind appeals to privacy. Ironic, given that ever since the Supreme Court found that very, very well hidden “right to privacy” for Roe v. Wade, the Left has been hiding behind appeals to privacy so much that there probably isn’t any room to squeeze someone from the Right in.

Next up from the Weekly World News L.A. Times is this bloviating exercise in condescension from Sam Harris.

Since the Palin pick, McCain’s detractors have all become actuaries at MetLife. We should worry, the argument goes, about Sarah Palin becoming president because John McCain is going to kick at any time, actuarially speaking, of course.

The guy’s survived the Viet Cong and cancer but, “the pressures of the presidency” are going to kill him.

Hey, what do the actuarial tables say about African-American men who smoke?

Of course they don’t go there because they’re presumably on board with Biden stepping in. We’ve heard a lot of talk about Joe Biden being ready to be president these past few days. So ready, in fact, that voters in his own party have twice rejected him for the job.

The opening line from the Harris drivel is another gem of nothingness that indicates just how off-balance the McCain haters are since Sarah Palin knocked them backwards:

“So let us ask the question that should be on the mind of every thinking person in the world at this moment: If John McCain becomes the 44th president of the United States, what are the odds that a blood clot or falling object will make Sarah Palin the 45th?”

Naturally, as “every thinking person in the world” is aware, falling objects are sentient beings that tend to seek out the older among us.

On to the real condescension:

“Americans have an unhealthy desire to see average people promoted to positions of great authority.”

Whoa…sounds like someone does a lot of shopping at!

“Unhealthy”? More desperate flailing. “Average”? Harris must have gone to one of those schools where all the kids grow up to be state governors.

Explain to me how holding one of only fifty available jobs in a country of over three hundred million is average.

Allow me to speak on Mr. Harris’s behalf:

“Well, you know, it’s a western state…not as many people…blah, blah, blah. Screw it, I just hate Republicans!”

The Marxist Line Dance Society at the New York Times has its daily Palin hit piece out in the Opinion page. It’s a mild one today when compared to Maureen Dowd throwing up all over herself yesterday. Thomas Friedman talks about the green angle to this election and the McCain/Palin ticket being nothing but shills for Big Oil. The first lefty in days to actually talk about Palin and issues and the whole piece is so limp you can almost hear the “Viva, Viagra!” commercial playing in the background.

To the chagrin of all on the Left, Sarah Palin will be speaking at the convention tonight. Many pundits say she has to hit one out of the park tonight.

Even more of us say she already has.