Charley Gibson Catches "Holy" Hell

(From America Needs Me)

Got this from Ace. Grab a twelve pack and make an evening out of watching this over and over. If you live in a neighborhood like mine you might want to go outside and tackle a whining liberal or two and “Clockwork Orange” them into watching.

When smug talkingturd Gibson hit Sarah Palin with his brain-dead monkey “Are we in a holy war?” question last week I thought I was going to have to fly to New York and smack him myself. But that’s how I react to things in my often retro-juvenile way. Thankfully, I had a free cocktail mixer to get to so I was even more easily distracted than usual. Now Newt Gingrich (it appears he’s behind this video) has given a more subtle smacking to Gibson.

The message to Gibson and the MSM brain trust that has no brains and deserves no trust is simple: it’s OK to pray and talk about God and our troops in the same breath. People do it all the time. Presidents do it all the time.

If you do tackle any liberals you might have to explain who Abraham Lincoln was and give them a quick background on the Declaration of Independence part.

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