Biden UNDER the bus: This just in…;)


Mark your calendars. The Obama/Biden ticket is about to “change.” I think you all know that I get information from all sorts of places. 😉 The following was in an email sent to me by a source I trust totally. They have “cred”:

“On or about October 5th, Biden will excuse himself from the ticket, citing health problems, and he will be replaced by Hillary. This is timed to occur after the VP debate on 10/2. [This will avoid Hillary having to bear an hour of unflattering side-by-side comparison to Sarah Palin.]”

For weeks now, we have all watched as Joe has demonstrated repeated symptoms of that common ailment, foot in mouth disease. We have all seen how ‘sick’ he has been. But now, it seems poor Joe is having heart problems – specifically ‘aneurysm’ – or at least that is going to be the official line. That gem comes “from excellent sources within the DNC.”

Are YOU going to buy that line? I am so not. I am sure that Obama’s VP selection committee thoroughly checked into the medical history of any would-be VP contenders. Given Joe’s advanced age and all, (lol) I am thinking that his records may have comprised about 70 pages also..(And yes – after Senator McCain’s records being released, does anybody REALLY believe the line that Governor Palin is a “heartbeat” away from the Presidency. Puleeeeeeeze. John McCain will outlive a lot of his dimdem opponents – trust me on this. But I digress.) So, what this latest change is, is Obama and his minions “hoping” that the American people will not look closely into more of the smoke and mirrors that IS their campaign against the American people. Yes, I did say “against.”

I have to ask what Joe Biden has been promised for him to fall on his sword. Seriously though, Obama is probably doing Joe a BIG favour removing him from the Obamaland future landscape. THAT is probably better for Joe’s heart….

And then we have Hillary. Can we say: “Don’t do it, Hillary!!!” Anyone who has watched Hillary and Bill over the years, knows what a political animal Hillary is. When Obama and his committee (of 2 was that? lol) chose Joe instead of Hillary, I kept saying that Hillary was nowhere near shrinking off into the background…
Everything any of us think we know about Hillary, told me that Hillary was nowhere near done on the VP/Presidential trail. So now we have Obama throwing Joe under the bus, scared out of his wits of Sarah Palin. I could rehash all the shenanigans we have seen from the cynical, RACIST (yes, they ARE the racist ones!), CRIMINAL, (Logan Act just for one…)sexist, lying…( about McCain’s record on Fannie Mae for just one example.) manipulating, ‘in your face’ – add your own adjectives – efforts to hoodwink the American public into believing a brand new dawn is upon America.

Don’t you buy into this upcoming piece of theatre put on by the Obama boys and girls. I could tell you – again – everything that is wrong with this. I’ll spare you, except to ask you to imagine what will happen when America’s representative, sent by Obama, goes to ‘chat and have tea” wth any of the despots of the planet. Halfway through pouring tea, (“will you be ‘mum’?” – a Brit will get the humour Obama yanks the rep, and replaces them with another. “Uh, uh , um, oh, let me clarify. What I really mean was…” That’ll add to the American credibility worldwide. No wonder places like North Korea are thrilled at the prospect of Obama moving into the White House.

This American election season reminds me of the plot twists and turns of a soap opera. If only the consequences were not so serious. However, I have faith that Americans are smart enough to refuse to accept the cynical political manipulations being foisted upon them at a dizzying pace.

The end of the email I received has a couple of gems that I have to share with you.:

Question: Does this maneuver fall under the category of


Change we can believe in!

Change we can hardly believe!

Change – because Sarah’s whipping my ass!

Change – because picking that Old White Lifelong Liar Guy was a boneheaded blunder!

All of the above?

So is this the traditional “October Surprise“? I can just imagine what deals the Clintons are getting – in writing – to go along with this scam! At least her campaign debt will be paid off, – probably with a bonus. Probably Bill gets to be SecState after all. Maybe Chelsea gets to fill Hillary’s Senate seat. The possibilities are mind-boggling!

But given what happens to the friends of the Clintons, – Obama should ask for a lot more Secret Service protection!

Ain’t Democracy fun!?!

Oh, and just for the record? Don’t bother asking me who my source is. And I don’t use yahoo mail.

Stay tuned.

“And the wheels on the bus go round and round…” Sing along with me, now!

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