The Gewn Ifill Scandal and the Obama Democrats’ Pattern of Contempt

Does anyone else notice what’s going on in our nation right now? Has anyone else out there reached the same troubling conclusions that I have? This VP debate moderator bias scandal — and it most certainly should be called a scandal — is just the latest example of the Democratic Party’s ability to ride roughshod over the rights of the American people. Here is the typical scenario: The Democrats perpetrate some outrageous affront to common decency and fair play, the Republicans howl in indignant but ultimately impotent outrage and disbelief, and nothing happens. The Obama train moves on to the next station, not even noticeably delayed in its journey to the White House. How many stories have been written expressing this helpless dismay? How many writers have pointed out how this unquestionably biased moderator scandal could never have happened if it were an avid McCain supporter at the center of this controversy? And the point is made and it makes perfect sense and everyone agrees and Gwen Ifill is still going to be the moderator. We the American people are virtually powerless in the Democrats eyes. They hold us and our impotent rage in contempt.

We have been sidelined. Our opinions no longer matter. All of our righteous anger, all of that conservative outrage is nothing but a fart in a snowstorm. The Democratic left is running this show and you’d better not forget it. No outrage, no matter how significant, no Reverend Wright scandal, no hate-America rhetoric from his angry hate-America wife, no William Ayers terrorist connections, no proven Rezco affiliations, no cynical and devious manipulation of our military’s withdrawal schedule by Obama in Iraq make one damn bit of difference. The Obama train keeps rolling. And all of those Americans who look to the Obama future of America with dread, all of those Americans who fear an internationalist, socialistic, anti-white, anti-Western Administration have been effectively marginalized. No relevant government agency will respond to your complaints. No media will voice your outrage. Your concerns have been dismissed. The word is out: No scandal, no crime, no discovery, no matter how significant will be allowed to delay the inevitable course of the fateful Obama train.

We have been warned to keep silent. Our own Justice Department has warned us to watch our mouths. Obama is partially black and this must not, this will not, be mentioned. That questionable VP Debate Moderator, that obviously compromised Gwen Ifill is black, and has written extensively and glowingly about the rise of black politicians, and specifically, and rapturously, about Barack Hussein Obama. But this must not, this will not, be mentioned.

We have been warned to keep silent. All or almost all of the terrorist attacks against this nation have been perpetrated by Muslim jihadists. But our own State Department has forbidden its employees to use the word “jihadists”, or to even associate terrorism and Islam in the same context.

And, most ironically of all, if anyone presumes to write about this virtual Democratic coup, they will be called a liberal propagandist or a weak-kneed defeatist by some members of their own party.

Now, my friends, I ask you once again — Does anyone else notice what’s going on in our nation right now? Has anyone else out there reached the same troubling conclusions that I have?

For more on the Gwen Ifill scandal see Stop the ACLU’s recent article.

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