Where’s Barney?

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Throwing up in my mouth a little

The Botox Hag (D-CA) was just on the tube telling me that we’re now going to get to the bottom of why this crisis started in the first place. How? Barney Frank is going to hold hearings.

That’s like Hitler presiding over the Nuremberg Trials (shut up, pansies, I’m not saying that Barney Frank is Hitler. Being Barney Frank is bad enough.) Unless the hearings involve just Barney Frank and a mirror they are a sham.

My biggest question is this: why in God’s name isn’t John McCain telling you this?

He is about to piss away an election over what should be the single biggest issue advantage he has. Bigger than national security, energy, taxes and Maverick sainthood combined.

McCain and Sarah Palin shouldn’t let two sentences out of their mouths about the economy without mentioning a) the Democrats who ignored all the warnings while b) McCain was proposing prescient oversight legislation.

Specifics, please. “I fought for reform” isn’t good enough. “I proposed this bill on this date and here’s what Chris Dodd said,” is where he needs to be going now.

I’ve been watching this unfold and have been dumbfounded. They either start hammering this point or make vacation plans for Nov. 5th.

There is a theory out there that I hope is true. Ace of Spades HQ (my favorite site after elfshaving.com) is where I saw it first. It posits that McCain is just holding out, acting all presidential until the Monster passed both houses and then start up with the finger-pointing.

Well, the fingers had better be getting ready. And they have to point better than this. I usually post these ads here on the site but this one is so limp that a Viagra IV couldn’t help it.

Just checked the reader and saw a new post from Michelle Malkin expressing the same frustration.

I have contacted the campaign by email and phone today telling them that I wouldn’t be volunteering down the home stretch if this they don’t start pressing this advantage. It’s time to clog their phone lines with this message: 703-418-2008. Steve Schmidt’s mailbox is currently full. Press the volunteer option and tell them you’d love to but not until they pull their heads out.

I’ve been championing a fighter pilot for president.

Time for him to fight, already.

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