Can Obama Still Win?

Obama’s Birth Certificate Scandal

Michelle Obama’s Telephone Threats to AFI Scandal

Obama’s Bill Ayers Association Scandal

Obama in Iraq Troop Withdrawal Scandal

Obama Questionable Patriotism Scandal

Obama’s African Ties Scandal

Obama’s Rev Wright Scandal

Obama’s Rezko Scandal

Obama’s Socialist “New Party” Scandal

Obama’s Odinga Endorsement Scandal

Michelle Obama’s “Finally Proud to be an American” Scandal

Obama’s Ties to Black Radical Organizations Scandal


A note from Radarsite: Smothered under the enormous accumulative weight of these ongoing and unresolved major scandals how can Barack Obama survive? Given the number and the severity of these charges against him, any one of which would have been sufficient grounds for immediate withdrawal for any other presidential candidate in our history, how could Barack Obama even dare to contemplate running for President of the United States of America? And finally, despite the best efforts of a shamefully biased MSM and of his fanatical legions of passionate supporters to dampen the fires of public outrage, despite the enormous damage already done to his shady character and questionable credibility, the biggest question remains:

Can Obama still win?

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