Ayers is not welcome here.

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So much has been written about Bill “I didn’t bomb enough” Ayers to fill a couple of books.

  • Former member of the Weather Underground.
  • Fugitive from the law.
  • Radical liberal.
  • Radical teaching methods.
  • Good friend of Barack Hussein Obama.

Just the type of person the liberal, collegate establishment loves. So why did the University of Nebraska cancel his upcoming speech?

Safety concerns have forced University of Nebraska-Lincoln officials to cancel plans for William Ayers to speak on campus.

Ayers, who founded a group in the late 1960s that claimed responsibility for bombing several government buildings, was to speak Nov. 15.

But officials said Friday the university’s threat assessment group received e-mails and phone calls over the last day or two that identified safety issues.

Ayers, a University of Illinois at Chicago education professor, was invited by UNL’s College of Education and Human Sciences because of his expertise in research related to small schools and urban education.

Ayers also is vice president-elect of curriculum studies at the American Educational Research Association.

But he’s become a lightening rod in the U.S. presidential campaign for his role as founder of the Weather Underground. The group formed in the late 1960s claimed responsibility for nonfatal bombings of the Pentagon and U.S. Capitol.

Friday’s announcement comes after Gov. Dave Heineman and several other Nebraska politicians asked the university to rescind its invitation.

“Bill Ayers is a well-known radical who should never have been invited,” Heineman said earlier Friday. “The people of Nebraska are outraged.

“This has gone beyond the University of Nebraska. It’s gotten to citizens all across this state, and they’re not happy because this is a public university.”

The American people have different views than those of the collegate elites that run the universities in this nation. People like Ayers should be denied speaking engagements everywhere. I just wish he would be fired from his job at the University of Illinois at Chicago, but I wouldn’t hold my breath over that.

Bill Ayers is a liability to any university. He should be in prison for life and would have been if he and his wife wasn’t released on a technicality of law.

Bill Ayers, just another reason to question Barack Hussein Obama’s judgement. And yet another reason not to vote for Obama in November.

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