Obama’s Plan For The Economic Ruin Of America

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Barack Hussein Obama proposed to the American people that we “redistribute the wealth” by taxing all people who make over $250,000 a year and up. To many that sounds good. We should do that, so everyone is equal and has the same. That dear truthseeker is called Socialism. Everyone making the same and receiving the same salary. There is no incentive for a person to work hard, for a business to grow. This was tried by the Soviet Union, its satellites and China. They all came to the realization that without incentives, an economy cannot grow and people become discontent.

After 4 years of an Obama economy will we be better off? If he actually is able to impose his ideas on the American economy, we will be in big economic trouble.

After 4 years of Obama’s economic policy there will be at least 25% unemployment. With at least 10% of small businesses gone, those workers will be on the Obama welfare programs or forced into jobs in his National Civilian Police Force. For 80% of all businesses are small businesses. Most of those businesses make over $250,000 a year in profit. That money doesn’t just go into the boss’ pocket. It goes for new equipment and jobs. Take away the profit, and business cannot grow.

After 4 years of Obama’s economic policy the stock market will have dived to the lowest levels since 1929. With massive unemployment and the loss of many businesses, larger companies are having a harder time selling their goods. With the tax rate at higher levels, the price of American goods have gone sky high. Companies cannot make a profit and their dividends to their stock holders have stopped.

After 4 years of Obama’s economic policy, banks will still be in trouble. By not allowing banks to sink or swim, Obama’s policy of bailing out the banks will cost more and more money as more and more banks step up to the Federal Gravy Train. As they gain more and more Federal funds, they dry up credit and loans to business and people. They are sitting pretty, and with just the hint that they might go under, the Congress will throw funds at him.

After 4 years of Obama’s economic policy, we will be $10 trillion in debt. With less and less tax money coming in and the costs of Obama’s welfare programs rising higher and higher, we will have to go deeper and deeper into debt. We will borrow trillions of dollars just to pay for it all.

After 4 years of Obama’s economic policy, we will be in a Depression. And when our economy collapses, the world’s will collapse after us. The whole world will be in dire straits. China will discover that they cannot sell their goods in the US, since nobody has the money to buy them. Europe won’t have the funds to buy any foreign goods. And with such an economic disaster, war could break out very easily.

After 4 years under Obama will we be better off than we are now?

No. Obama will have taken the United States from the position of the World’s Leader and will turn us into a Third World Nation.

Barack Hussein Obama is naive at best. He is wrong choice for President. His policies are so far to the left that you can call him a Socialist, not just a liberal. He will destroy all that we have worked for and hope for.

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