Myth vs Fact

Myth Fact
Islam: Religion of peace.

Reliance of the Traveller, Book O.9.6


It is offensive to conduct a military expedition against hostile non-Muslims without the caliph’s permission (A: though if there is no caliph (def: o25), no permission is required).


Islamic law prohibits conducting a military expedition against Kuffar without the Caliph’s permission unless there is no Caliph. Why in Hell does the ‘Religion of Peace’ contemplate ghazwat against Kuffar in any case; with or without a Caliph?

Isn’t Jihad supposed to be striving against temptation? Why can’t they strive against temptation to rape, pillage & plunder Kuffar?

The bold red text above is Islamic law; it contradicts claims that bin Ladin’s attacks are haram because they were not authorized by the Caliph. No Caliph; no need for his authorization.

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