Clueless, Racist BHO Voters

I first heard about this informal man on the street interview from Boortz about a week ago. Boortz attributed it to Imus, but then later said it was indeed Stern.

Now, I personally cannot stand Howard Stern. However, this video shows and tells who the real, uninformed, racist voters are–those who cannot see past BHO’s color, don’t even know his policy stands or voting record, or who his running mate is. They are only voting black (and BHO isn’t more than 7% black–he’s 48% white, 7% black and 45% arab).

This video also shows why stupid people shouldn’t vote. Voting is a privilege, not a right (I DARE you to show me where it exists in the Constitution or Bill of Rights). I personally believe it’s an obligation. However, if you’re going to vote, take the time to educate yourself. Otherwise, you belong in the never-ending parade of stupid (phrase swiped from Jon Justice on 104.1 The Truth).

Here’s the video:

‘Nuf said.

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