Islamists Protest in London: ‘Pharaoh Had a Dream That One Day His Kingdom Would Fall’

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A seven-minute video titled “For Every Pharaoh [sic] There Is a Musa,” uploaded to YouTube on December 7, 2008, shows two groups of protesters in Islamic garb – one in a park holding signs, and one marching, with police protection, on a residential city street. Both groups are led by speakers with megaphones; the one in the park focuses on Abu Hamza Al-Masri, the Egyptian-born former imam of London’s Finsbury Park Mosque who is currently serving a prison sentence in London,(1) and the marchers focus on the oppression of Chinese Muslims.(2) The location in both cases appears to be London.

The video was uploaded by “londondawa,” self-described as “Brothers in londonistan carrying hisbah for the sake of Allah regarding abu hamza and oppressed Muslims in china.”

The video disappeared on December 10 around 1:45 EST. According to YouTube it was “removed by the user.”

The last section of the video features a man in Islamic garb being interviewed by a woman; on the screen is the caption “Abuizzadeen (Al-Ghurabaa Group).” The man says, “If we live in a society where Islam is not the ruling system, we need to work to change that… It means that if there’s a contradiction between Islamic law and the British law, the British law can go to hell.”

The video’s audio is augmented intermittently by a song in Arabic sung by male voices; this song was previously heard in “Al-Qaeda Media Broadcasting Company Al-Sahab’s Retrospective on the 5th Anniversary of the 9/11/2001: ‘The Manhattan Raid.”(3)

Following are excerpts from the video. The video can currently be viewed on MEMRI’s YouTube page here or below:

Titles on screen against black background: “Pharaoh had a dream that someday his kingdom would fall; He gathered his advisers and helpers

Title:”But little did he know…; Moses (Musa) would arise from within his own home”

Protester 4: leads call and response in Arabic. Song continues in background.

Cut back to protesters in park. Same song as before in background. Camera focuses in on signs held by men in Islamic robes, which now include “British Courts Go to Hell,” “UK & US: The Real Terrorist)

Protester 2: “George [unclear] go to hell!”

Other protesters: “George [unclear] go to hell!”

Protester 2: “British government go to hell!”

Other protesters: “British government go to hell!”

Cut back to marching protesters, along with the line of British policemen accompanying them

Protester 5: here there is the addition of English subtitles of the English spoken by protesters: “Oh Muslims of China we know you are suffering a lot; we know you cannot speak (because of the oppression); we know you can’t even keep a beard (because of the oppression); but Inshallah the Muslims are on their way; the Muslims are on their way; To implement the Law of Allah (swt).”

Protester 2: “Because you handed over your brother to those disbelievers and he is gonna face torture in American prison, he could even face death [unclear] – What kind of [unclear] Muslims have we become? There is no concern for Muslim brothers no more. There is no concern about the ulema.

“These Middle Eastern people are on the front line, working for Islam, speaking the truth against those tyrants, against the British establishment who has a history of occupying and killing, massacring Muslims, and those [unclear] that divide Islam. It is because if they cannot tell us what is the [unclear], what is the haram. They remind us that there is none worthy of worship but Allah, and that the prophet Muhammad is the messenger of Allah. It is like those brothers, like Abu Hamza, it is like [unclear], like Abu Hamza, who Allah bless [unclear] so that they can [unclear] reminding us of our Islamic duties.

“So where are you, my dear Muslim brothers? How come you neglected them? Where is your responsibility to brotherhood? Where is your feeling of brotherhood? Where is your love for the Muslim ummah? What kind of people have we become? Shame on us! Shame on you Muslim brothers. This is the time when [should] we speak out”

Speaker: “If we live in a society where Islam is not in the ruling system, we need to work to change that.

Interviewer: “And what does that mean in practical terms? If…if—

Speaker: “It means that if there’s a contradiction between Islamic law and the British law, the British law can go to hell.

(1)For more about Abu Hamza Al-Masri, see MEMRI Special Report No. 37, “Arab and Iranian Media Reactions to the London Bombing – Part II: ‘The Attacks Were Anticipated Due to British Leniency to Extremists Acting in Britain’- ‘Expel Extremism Today,'” July 12, 2005,; MEMRI Special Dispatch No. 921, “Arab Criticism of Muslim Extremist Activities in the West,” June 10, 2005,; MEMRI Special Dispatch No. 762, “Sheikh Abu Hamza Al-Masri on Martyrdom and the Love of Death,” August 12, 2004,; MEMRI Special Dispatch No. 410, “Islamist Leaders in London Interviewed,” August 9, 2002,; MEMRI Inquiry and Analysis No. 72, “Radical Islamist Profiles (1): London-Abu Hamza Al-Masri,” October 17, 2001,
(2) For more on Chinese Islamists, see MEMRI Special Dispatch No. 1947, “The Islamic Party of Turkestan” [i.e. Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region, Chinese Turkestan] Posts Its Platform on an Islamist Forum,” June 3, 2008,; MEMRI Special Dispatch No. 1352,
“Islamist Websites Monitor No. 20,” November 10, 2006, . See also MEMRI Urdu-Pashtu Blog “New Al-Qaeda Leader Appointed For China,”
(3) This video is part of MEMRI’s Jihad & Terrorism Monitor Project Studies Archives.

From Monkey in the Middle:

British Law can go to hell! That just about sums it up nicely. No talk of assimilation or even partial assimilation. Do what we demand or else! The cry of every bully and thug since the human race began.

And I can tell you that these thugs, these bullies, these barbarians don’t get arrested for this. No they are treated as if they were made of china. They must be appeased and placated. One must not criticize them or you will be arrested instead. Just like dear Lionheart who has been silenced by these goons.

While the barbarians grow bolder forcing their archaic 7th Century beliefs on all, the native people of Great Britain are imprisoned and fined for speaking their mind or just saying no to one of these gangsters.

Already in Great Britain these barbarians have gotten the school system to remove all references to Christianity and British History. They have forced schools to remove or change their annual Christmas pageant, after all it conflicts with their holiday of Eid. You know that wonderful holiday that is culminated by the ritual slaughter of goats. I wonder why PETA hasn’t screamed about that yet. But if they did, they would also be subject to the Dhimmi laws prohibited protest about anything Muslim. So PETA is safe. It only goes after Jews and Christians now.

Then there is Shar’ia Law. There is no way that Shar’ia can ever be compatible with any Democracy. There is no equal justice under the law. Women are treated as only 1/4 of a person. Nice. Under slavery in the US at least a black person was considered 3/5 of a person. I guess that the British government is ok with that too. For they have allowed Shar’ia Law to become the Law of the Land.

And now the whole world is poised for the biggest scam in the history of banking. Welcome to Shar’ia Financing! A scam that will totally destroy the world’s banking system. And it will be forced not only on every bank in Great Britain, but on every bank in the world. See how every economy tumbles when this scam finally is fulfilled.

The British are well under way to their Dhimmitude, unless their native people remember their Celtic/Saxon/Pict heritage and drive these barbarians back to their homeland.

And now the US is starting to go the same route. Do we have the courage to say NO to the barbarians and demand that US Law be enforced and not Shar’ia? I pray to God that we do.

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