Tell the MMS to Increase Off Shore Oil Exploration & Production

The U.S. Minerals Management Service (MMS) has developed a new five year (2010-2015) plan for sales of off shore oil & gas leases. The plan is in the form of a 3.7MB pdf file.

The DPP proposes a total of 31 OCS lease sales in 12 areas (4 areas off Alaska, 3 areas off the
Atlantic coast, 2 areas off the Pacific coast, and 3 areas in the Gulf of Mexico). Maps A and
B show the areas proposed for leasing (proposed program areas). Table A lists the location
and timing of the proposed lease sales. Of the 31 sales, 10 sales are in 6 areas that were
formerly under executive and/or congressional restrictions.

Of course, President Obama does not agree with his predecessor’s policy on off shore leasing. The LibTards who support him are producing increasing opposition to the draft proposal. The time frame for public comment on the plan has been extended 180 days to September 21, 2009. The extension should afford you ample time to review the plan and send in your comments before the deadline.

Everything we purchase involves petroleum in its transportation, if not as a feed stock and source of energy used in its production. The imbalance between demand and supply has caused painful inflation, which will take a bigger bite as incomes are reduced or eliminated by the economic depression.

If you want to keep your house warm and your automobile on the road, you should want to see significant increases in domestic oil and gas production. Our hope for the next five years is in the new plan. New off shore leases will be limited to those included in the final plan.

If you want to see reduced inflation and preserve your ability to keep warm and mobile, then you should express your support for the proposed five year leasing plan. The Consumer Energy Alliance provides an easy to use email form so that you can send your comments to the MMS.

Please don’t stop there; visit to send emails to President Obama, your Representative & Senators urging them to approve the plan.

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