Obamanation: National Insecurity


Two excerpts from that commencement address stand out below the rest; I quote them here.

In a culture where so many chase the outward markers of success that can so often lead us astray — the titles and status, the materialism and money, the fame and popularity — these Americans have embraced the virtues that we need most right now: self-discipline over self-interest; work over comfort; and character over celebrity.

Sometimes a con man, in his conceit, will effectively confess his crimes to his victims, firm in the belief that they are too dull to fully comprehend what he is saying. I view that first quote as a prime example of that hubris. President Obama expected that the graduates were too excited and we were too lazy to plumb the depth of his words. The following outline may help you to observe how those words apply to the man who spoke them.

  • outward markers of success
  • titles and status
  • Senator
  • President
  • materialism and money
    • Presidential salary
    • book royalties
    • expensive Chicago real estate
  • fame and popularity
  • character over celebrity
  • Yesterday I visited the National Archives and the halls that holds our Constitution, our Declaration of Independence, and our Bill of Rights. I went there because, as our national debate on how to deal with the security challenge that we face proceeds, we must remember this enduring truth: The values and ideals in those documents are not simply words written into aging parchment, they are the bedrock of our liberty and our security. We uphold our fundamental principles and values not just because we choose to, but because we swear to; not because they feel good, but because they help keep us safe and keep us true to who we are.

    What principle is more fundamental to this nation than individual liberty? What safeguards it more than strict limits on the power of governments? Have we so soon forgotten his egregious remarks about the Constitution’s charter of “negative rights” which supposedly prevent the federal government from doing what it should for us?

    Because when America strays from our values, it not only undermines the rule of law, it alienates us from our allies, it energizes our adversaries, and it endangers our national security and the lives of our troops. So as Americans, we reject the false choice between our security and our ideals. We can and we must and we will protect both.

    That last quote packs broad meaning into a few words. Lets take a closer look.

    • when America strays from our values

    It is clear, from the context, that that phrase is a reference to water boarding. The value alluded to is justice. Our system of justice seeks to determine fact and law by investigation, inquiry and reasoned debate. It assumes innocence until guilt is proved beyond a reasonable doubt. Torture may be an interrogation technique, but it is also a punishment; we don’t punish the innocent. This points to two deadly assumptions.

    1. Waterboarding is torture.
    2. Enemy combatants are innocent.

    Both of those assumptions are obviously false. While waterboarding inflicts fear, if done properly it neither causes undue pain nor inflicts permanent injury. It is not equivalent to drills, knives, pliers or hot irons. Anyone who graduates from a terrorist training camp and carries a weapon on the battlefield is not innocent. Khalid Sheik Mohammad planned the abomination of 9-11-01. Not being a U.S. citizen or legal resident alien, he has no Miranda rights. He has no right to the presumption of innocence. He is action was not a misdemeanor, it was an attack carried out as part of a war.

    • it alienates us from our allies

    Those who are alienated are not and were not our allies, they were fair weather friends. Our weakness; our failure to seek and obtain clear victories in Korea & Vietnam emboldened our enemies and distanced broke the links with our allies.

    • it energizes our adversaries

    The photos of prisoner abuse and stories of ‘torture’ are grist for propaganda mills, but they are not the cause of enmity. The act of resisting Islamic aggressions supplies all the energizing they need.

    • it endangers our national security and the lives of our troops

    Our security is endangered by failure to recognize, identify & accurately classify the enemy. The lives of our troops are endangered by sending them to invade where we should have sent tactical nuclear missiles. Wisdom dictates swift, total destruction of wasp nests, not poking them with sticks.

    • false choice between our security and our ideals

    Real Americans reject it; President Obama, a self proclaimed ‘citizen of the world’, embraces and nurtures it, exploiting it for political gain at the expense of our national security.

    To witness the difference between a demagogue and a statesman, read the transcript of former Vice President Richard B. Cheney’s remarks to the American Enterprise Institute.


    Chicago: 36!

    by Findalis

    What a number. A new record!

    Is it the number of games the Chicago Cubs have lost in the last month? NO!

    Is it the number of bribes any Chicago Politician took yesterday? NO!

    Is it the number of seconds that Oprah went without mentioning herself, Dr. Phil, or Barack Obama? NO!

    It is the number of young men and women who were gunned down this past school year. 36.

    With three weeks left before summer break, a record 36 Chicago Public Schools students have been killed this school year, marking the third straight year that youth homicides have climbed into double digits. Chicago has surpassed New York City and Los Angeles for having the highest youth homicide rate in the nation.

    “I think people in Chicago have almost gotten numb to the statistics,” said Dexter Voisin, a researcher at the University of Chicago who studies the impact of violence on adolescents.

    The latest victim in Chicago’s long year of student killings is 15-year-old Alex Arellano. On May 1, he was chased, beaten with baseball bats, run over by a car, shot and burned. His body was found days after he disappeared from his family’s home on the city’s South Side.

    Police continue to investigate the killing; gang activity has been suggested. His grieving family members have denied any gang connections and continue to look for answers.

    “The homicide rate is just the tip of the iceberg,” Mr. Voisin said. “Those with nonfatal injuries are almost 100 times that of our homicide rates. You think for about every one kid who is murdered, 100 kids witness the murder or are victims of nonfatal injuries, of robberies, muggings and gang-related incidents. A lot of times, this exposure goes undocumented or unreported.”

    Black youths, he said, are two times more likely than white youths to fail or drop out of school, and at the same time they are also eight to 10 times more likely to be victims of homicide than whites.

    “I don’t even know where to begin,” said Diane Latiker, who runs a program for at-risk youths out of her home in the city’s Roseland neighborhood. “There aren’t any words for what I feel for what is going on for our youth.”

    Ms. Latiker uses three rooms of her six-room apartment to run a nonprofit program called Kids Off the Block. She offers tutoring, mentoring and travel opportunities designed to show Chicago youths who want successful futures that the violent culture they see daily is not the norm.

    The local drug dealer in a big car with flashy rims, wearing cool sneakers, appears to many to be the model of success, Ms. Latiker said.

    “The A and B students, they have family and community support,” she said. “What about the kid who is struggling, hanging out there on the street corner and joining that gang because he feels hopeless? That’s what I’m hearing from our youth. They feel they have nothing to live for.”

    Read the full story here.

    Where is Jesse Jackson? Where is Al Sharpton? Maxine Waters? Why is the Daily Kos and Huffington Post both silent on this? Why is the left silent? Black children are being killed!

    Yet not a word about this from them. If it came out that Black children were being killed by the Chicago police, white men, or KKK members, they would be marching in the streets. But a little gang violence and they remain silent on this issue. THAT IS RACISM!

    Why is it that Jackson, Waters and Sharpton will go ballistic if the ‘N’ word is used by a comedian, radio personality or other WHITE person, but are remaining silent when a rapper like: Mac Dre, Snoop Dog, Master P, and Lil Wayne all tell young people not to snitch, don’t cooperate with the police. So the murderers go free to kill again and again. The rappers get rich, the murderers get away with the crime, and the people of the neighborhood are less safe, less secure in their homes.

    And still the only cry that goes out is: Take away people’s guns. If there were no guns, there would be no gun violence, the liberals say. The truth is that these crimes are not committed with legal weapons, but illegal ones. AK-47’s to be exact. That is not the type of weapon one can walk into a gun shop and pick up.

    Gun control is NOT the answer. The answer is for the Black Community to stop the culture of gangsterism. It is for parents to sit down with their kids and explain to them that the rappers and gangsters are not the best role-models for them. That snitching is not wrong. That testifying in court is your civic duty. That solving one’s problems with a shooting is just plain stupid. Most important it is time for Black leaders to say these things. For Black leaders to march in the streets of Chicago screaming for justice for these 36 children. For Black leaders to stand up to the gangsters and take their culture back.

    In September, Chicago will begin a new school year. Let us all pray that the next year will see no child shot, no child killed by gangsters. That each child will have a chance to grow up and become a useful and productive member of this great nation.