Dear Mr. President

By Findalis of Monkey in the Middle

I am not going to wait for someone to snitch on me. I will snitch on myself instead.

I am a middle aged white woman, a widow and mother of 2 grown daughters. I am a veteran of the US Air Force and the widow of a retired Air Force NCO.

I am the citizen who attends City Hall meetings, School Board meetings, who gets involved in working and demanding good government. I am a citizen. And I am your boss. Just like the other 300 million citizens of this great nation. And I don’t like your proposed bill: H.R. 3200: America’s Affordable Health Choices Act of 2009.

While there are some good points in the bill, this proposed law does nothing to correct the problems with the Health Care Industry. It forces American citizens into a single-payer plan regardless of their rights and choices. It forces a raise on taxes to Middle Class Americans to pay for this new system. And in the end, it will lead to a system of rationed Health Care that is now in effect in Great Britain, Canada and most of Europe. A system in which the survival rates for Cancer (to use just one example) are lower than the US (the quality of medicine is the same).

This is not what the American people want or asked for.

What we want is for our existing Health Care Providers to provide the service that they are being paid for. That preexisting conditions be covered. That screening for Cancer on a yearly basis be provided. That necessary medical exams and tests be done.

No person should have to go into debt to pay for their health care if they are already paying for it through an Insurance company. And the premium costs should be regulated to insure that the average family can afford it.

For those who through their own stupidity or hubris refuse to insure themselves, then they will be forced to bear the full costs of their Health Care if they become ill. It is time that people take responsibility for their actions.

In the past Congress has been able to regulate the Health Care Industry. The passage of Newborns’ and Mothers’Health Protection Act of 1996 (NMHPA), signed by President Bill Clinton was a step in the right direction and was done with bi-partisan cooperation. Congress could do it again and such moves would improve the quality of Health Care in this country.

I suggest that during your summer vacation you sit down and actually read this bill. Then wonder why no Member of Congress will answer the question: “Would you put yourself and your family under this plan?” I ask that of you Mr. President. If not, why? And then why should I?

On a personal note.

I find your tactics in trying to pass this bill unworthy of the Leader of the Free World.

Having neighbor spy on neighbor, children spy on their parents, friends spy on friends is more the tactics of the Soviet Union (which locked up political dissenters in Psychiatric Hospitals for speaking out) or Nazi Germany (which sent political opponents to Concentration Camps).

In the United States, dissenting political speech is protected by the First Amendment in the Bill of Rights. You don’t have to agree with what is said, but you cannot prevent the words from being spoken.

What your representative, and thus you said was:

“There is a lot of disinformation about health insurance reform out there, spanning from control of personal finances to end of life care. These rumors often travel just below the surface via chain emails or through casual conversation. Since we can’t keep track of all of them here at the White House, we’re asking for your help. If you get an email or see something on the web about health insurance reform that seems fishy, send it to”

These are the words of a dictator, not an “elected official” with a temporary position subject to the will of the people.

Thank you for your time and patience. I know that you mean well with this idea, but this bill is not the right answer. Perhaps it is time to sit down, examine the issue fully, and do it right, not do it fast.

Monkey in the Middle (

Obanination: High Treason

In an article published August 6, 2009, the Washington Times quotes John Brennan, head of the White House Homeland Security office who spoke at C.S.I.S.
John Brennan identified the enemy as al Qaeda. “We are at war with al Qaeda,” Who is at war with us? Al Qaeda is an offshoot of the Muslim Brotherhood. What is the Muslim Brotherhood? Our best window on al-Ikhwan is its “Palestinian” branch: Hamas. Give a careful examination to the first two articles of the Hamas Charter.

  1. The Islamic Resistance Movement: The Movement’s programme is Islam. From it, it draws its ideas, ways of thinking and understanding of the universe, life and man. It resorts to it for judgement in all its conduct, and it is inspired by it for guidance of its steps.
  2. The Islamic Resistance Movement is one of the wings of Muslim Brotherhood in Palestine. Muslim Brotherhood Movement is a universal organization which constitutes the largest Islamic movement in modern times. It is characterised by its deep understanding, accurate comprehension and its complete embrace of all Islamic concepts of all aspects of life, culture, creed, politics, economics, education, society, justice and judgement, the spreading of Islam, education, art, information, science of the occult and conversion to Islam.

Hamas is a wing of the Muslim Brotherhood. Their program is Islam. Islam inspires and guides everything it does. The Muslim Brotherhood is universal and Islamic. Article 8 spills the beans.

Allah is its target, the Prophet is its model, the Koran its constitution: Jihad is its path and death for the sake of Allah is the loftiest of its wishes.

The discerning reader will comprehend the fact that Hamas is Islam, the Muslim Brotherhood is Islam and al Qaeda is Islam. Who is their model? What did he do? What is their constitution? What is their path? What is their aspiration? Where are the brains of the politicians who assure us that we are at war with a tiny extremist movement, not with Islam? Those politicians deny the obvious truth.

Islamic scripture contains commands to fight pagans until only Allah is worshiped and scriptural religions until they are subjugated and extorted. Those imperatives are confirmed in hadith, tafsir & Shari’ah.[O9.8] Our elected leaders can not admit this fact because it implies the necessity of eliminating Islam in order to obtain peace and security. Jihad is defined as “holy fighting in Allah’s cause”; it is mandatory, not optional. Allah’s cause is making Islam dominate the world. Jihad will be practiced continuously until the last day. Muslims will be covered with disgrace if they abandon Jihad. President Obama, having studied the Qur’an in elementary school, knows these facts and ignores them because his agenda is Islamic world conquest, not obtaining peace through victory over Islam.

Observe how the Washington Times describes Mr. Brennan’s statement about “fighting jihadists”.

Mr. Brennan said that to say the U.S. is fighting “jihadists” is wrongheaded because it is using “a legitimate term, ‘jihad,’ meaning to purify oneself or to wage a holy struggle for a moral goal” which “risks giving these murderers the religious legitimacy they desperately seek but in no way deserve.”

Jihad an-Nafs is the greater Jihad. Jihad in the way of Allah is the lesser Jihad. How does one suffer injury or death in struggling with his sinful ego?

3:169. Think not of those who are killed in the Way of Allâh as dead. Nay, they are alive, with their Lord, and they have provision.

The Qur’an reveals the relationship between Allah and Muslims. This is not describing jihad an-nafs.

9:111. Verily, Allâh has purchased of the believers their lives and their properties; for the price that theirs shall be the Paradise. They fight in Allâh’s Cause, so they kill (others) and are killed.[…]

The man in charge of the White House Homeland Security office describes Jihad as self purification or struggling for a moral goal. How does the Qur’an define it?

2:116. Jihâd (holy fighting in Allâh’s Cause) is ordained for you (Muslims) though you dislike it, and it may be that you dislike a thing which is good for you and that you like a thing which is bad for you. Allâh knows but you do not know.

Perhaps Mr. Brennan knows Islam better than Allah. Lets check with the translators of the Qur’an.

(V.2:190) Al-Jihâd (holy fighting) in Allâh’s Cause (with full force of numbers and weaponry) is given the utmost importance in Islâm and is one of its pillar (on which it stands). By Jihâd Islâm is established, Allâh’s Word is made superior, (His Word being Lâ ilaha illallâh which means none has the right to be worshipped but Allâh), and His Religion (Islâm) is propagated. By abandoning Jihâd (may Allâh protect us from that) Islâm is destroyed and the Muslims fall into an inferior position; their honour is lost, their lands are stolen, their rule and authority vanish. Jihâd is an obligatory duty in Islâm on every Muslim, and he who tries to escape from this duty, or does not in his innermost heart wish to fulfill this duty, dies with one of the qualities of a hypocrite.[…]

How does Islamic law define Jihad? Lets check with Reliance of the Traveller.

O9.0: Jihad
Jihad means to war against non-Muslims, and is etymologically derived from the word mujahada signifying warfare to establish the religion[…]

Who is lying to us, the Obama Administration or the Qur’an & Islamic law? Muhammad was a murderer and a terrorist; how did he obtain “religious legitimacy” as a prophet? Why is “religious legitimacy” falsely imputed to Islam?
Is there anything worse than falsely legitimizing mujahideen? Of course there is!

“Worse, it risks reinforcing the idea that the United States is somehow at war with Islam itself,”

Islam, al-Ikhwan & al Qaeda are one and the same and they are at war against us. Why are we not at war against them? Because our elected leadership conceals the identity of the enemy, denying reality.

Unlike the Bush Administration, Brennan makes one tiny accommodation with the truth: he rejects the “war on terrorism” misnomer. .

“because ‘terrorism’ is but a tactic — a means to an end, which in al Qaedas case is global domination by an Islamic caliphate.”

Whose tactic is it; “to strike terror into (the hearts of) the enemies, of God“, “Allah made me victorious by awe“, “I have been made victorious with terror“? The tactic belongs to Islam, as does the war in which it is used.

In 2008 we foolishly elected a traitor. We can correct that error in 2012, let us pray that it won’t be too late.

Lt Michael Behenna

From Do The Right Thing BlogTalk Radio show:

Great news folks! Tonight on Do The Right Thing Radio, our special guests will be Lt Michael Behenna’s parents, Scott and Vicki along with his fiance, Shannon.

Join us at 10 pm eastern by calling 347-324-5417 or at this link:

Do us a favor too, forward this information to as many of your family and friends as possible at the momentum in Lt Behenna’s case seems to be building – and the more people that know the TRUTH about what has happened to one of our heroes the better the chances are of justice being served.

In addition, first take a moment to lift Lt Behenna and his family up in prayer! I think the folks who listen to our show know the power of prayer – so let’s continue to put this situation before the Almighty One!

Having one of our precious troops serving time in Leavenworth for killing an Al-Queda terrorist is unacceptable – tune in to learn more and to support one of America’s finest!…

If you don’t know who Lt. Behenna is, there are many sources that follow and document the injustice he has been subjected to. Start here.

In the meantime: tune in, and listen up, to Do The Right Thing tonight.

Granny’s Wisdom

The author of the following essay is a very nice older lady, a grandmother and great cook with a great deal of love and wisdom to share. She sent this by email with a request to share it, and that is what I am doing. I made one edit, removing her signature because I do not want to have Obamanation goon squads knocking on her door.

In this essay, the author is giving you clues about how to detect a conniving cult leader pulling the wool over your eyes and how to react. This is her way of gently informing the majority of the electorate that they have been conned and need to do something about it to limit the damage. I pass this on in hopes that you will take her wisdom to heart and put up a deliberate and determined fight to preserve our liberties.

I am a 69 year old woman, never an activist, always involved, but not ever a member of any “MOB. I am the mother of 3 of the most wonderful children in the world. I never had to go to a jail, or a cemetery to find my kids. I am self educated. College is something adults do and adults pay their own way. My children did the same, self educated, up to Masters and beyond. I have lived within my means and never took any assistance.

I find it very disconcerting that the United State’s President is asking US citizens to “report” misinformation. Calling the people who have active concerns about their country, “Astroturf” grass roots. This, from a man who started his career by being a “community organizer”. This is a man who bussed people into places to protest, and “question authority”. People, who often were not even from the area. Charming and handsome, and articulate and “clean”, a thug from the inner city, who knows how to manipulate people to do as he directs.

I once had a shirt that said just that, “question Authority”. Nothing wrong with that, you can question it and be respectful, and as far as I can see the people at the “tea parties” and at the town meetings were respectful, but they were tired of the bullsh–.

. “Have to make judgments in a hurry”. Assign it to underlings? What are we paying THEM for?

Mr. Obama never lied to us. Wake up America, he said “The United States is a wonderful Country, and we are going to CHANGE IT”. Well??? He is keeping his campaign promise.

Hitler told us what his plans were, so did Jim Jones.

I taught school for a few years, History, to 7th thro 12 grades. The thing I told them was to watch out for ANY group that isolates, intimidates and humiliates you, it is a cult and run, RUN as fast as you can, or Fight, fight hard.

What is the man in the Oval Office doing? Isolating the protesters, intimidating them and humiliating them in the public media.

Is this really the man you voted for? Yes it is. He did not lie to you, he wanted “change”, but you thought it was a change for your betterment, it was not, it was a change that has been in the making for some 60 years. He was the “face” the “class act” and the people of the US, who wanted to show they were “sorry for the past”, voted a man into office with an agenda and a cruel one at that.

I am a Registered Nurse. I am THE only one who does NOT care if you have insurance or not. The hospital, physio, labs, nursing homes et all care. I will care for you no matter; I work in a Jail setting, oh yes I care for the people who have nothing to give. The health care as it is proposed is a disaster. But no one seems to care, they have the votes, all 60, sounds like a dictatorship, not an advise and consent, not a debate. Just a ram through, unread unquestioned vote because we are mere children who “don’t know what is good for us”….This is a direct quote.

Isolate, intimidate, humiliate…it is all there, RUN ,FIGHT, do something.!!!

I DO NOT have the DUTY to Die. I have the right to LIFE. I have promise, I have gifts, and I have worth. I even have wisdom gained from the pain of growing. I can share. I am real. So are you.

ENERGY FOLLOWS THOUGHT………………….what are you thinking about and how are you thinking about it? Put your energy where it counts. Brave on!!…..

I’ll Snitch Myself Out-Letter to

This is a copy of the letter I sent to the snitch line at the White House:

Rather than rely on a telescreen as envisioned by George Orwell in his groundbreaking tome 1984, or wait for the Obama Youth Corps as currently being funded in New York under Mayor Bloomberg (a la the Nazi Youth Corps and here), I’ll “snitch” myself out.

I blog as Miss Beth at Miss Beth’s Victory Dance ( I’m a 48 year old white female, single mom who works for a living and my children are mulatto. In short, they have more black blood in them than BHO.

First and foremost, don’t even try to pull the race card on me.

I disagree with Comrade obama on many, MANY levels of his policies, not least of which is his farce of health care “reform”. This is not reform but a systematic takeover of yet another industry not mandated by our Constitution. You know, the document Comrade obama is intent upon destroying? The document Comrade obama CLAIMS to have been so knowledgeable of to the point of being able to teach? Yeah, that Constitution.

I object to the nationalization of the banks, the car industry, the bail outs and the robbery at gunpoint of my tax dollars. I object to the “spread the wealth” mentality of this racist in the White House. I object to Comrade obama bowing to the Saudi king while he sells out America. I object to the appeasement of the muslim community, which has stated unequivocally its desire to destroy us. I object to the 42 “czars” who answer to no one but Comrade obama. I object to the constant apologizing for America when he should be defending her. I object to selling out our allies while embracing our enemies. I object to the Neville Chamberlain approach. I object to my tax dollars being used for photo opportunities such as flyovers of New York City. I object to my tax dollars being used for his date nights. I object to the caliber of the company he keeps, such as William Ayers, Jeremiah Wright, Rev. Pflegler, Skip Gates, Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson. I object to Comrade obama making racist comments about situations he knows nothing about a la Sgt. Crowley. I object to Comrade obama stripping our military of weapons and strategic military devices. I object to Comrade obama turning everything into a photo op instead of keeping his skinny butt in a chair and doing his job.

I object to Comrade obama’s disrespect for life at all stages, particularly the Infant Born Alive Protection Act and his current fetish for “end of life” counseling in his alleged reform bill. I object to Comrade obama’s attempt to shove this travesty of healthcare down my throat when he hasn’t performed his own due diligence and read the bill while simply using it as a popularity platform. I object to the insane amount of pork Comrade obama has already forced onto future generations through his smoke and mirrors. I object to Comrade obama’s quadrupling the national budget in 6 months–the highest budget in history.

I object to Comrade obama. I didn’t vote for him and I never will. I’m a proud supporter of the tea parties. I’m a fervent supporter of individual rights and I will not become one of your brainwashed sheeple, lapping up the pablum being dropped among the masses by a stuporous, lazy media who refuses to pull the curtain back on the false wizard, showing this emperor wanna be to indeed have no clothes–to mix stories.

I object to the farce of anthropogenic global warming and the further rape of American’s wallets by a non-existent crisis. The earth goes in cycles–learn your geology (particularly your paleo-geology) and quit telling me what light bulbs I can use. I object to being taxed repeatedly because I smoke. Most of us smokers will simply quit and that will put the tobacco companies (and their workers) out of business and end your “honey pot” of money coming in. The Constitution doesn’t provide for you, Comrade obama, to institute a “sin tax” on me.

I will cling to my GOD (who, by the way IS NOT COMRADE obama), my guns and my change. I will make my OWN hope and not rely on a nanny state to provide it to me, telling me when I can live, when I can die, and what kind of quality of life I can have. And I will call for my fellow conservatives to protest, without violence, at every turn and every chance they get, just as the sheeple have been doing since time immemorial–although the sheeple have shown extreme violence toward dissenting opinions and no respect at all for rule of law.

I will continue to use facts and logic in the face of emotionalism. I will continue to point out today’s liberals, Comrade obama chief among them, are themselves the liars, the hypocrites, the racists, the double standard holders, the two faced Janus’, big government monkeys on my back they are. I will continue to work for a living, against all odds, in this travesty of an economy foisted upon us by a Marxist wanna be commander in chief who doesn’t have the balls to produce proof of his eligibility to hold office under our cherished Constitution but who is arrogant enough to demand such proof of his opposition (who promptly produced it). I will continue to point out the misogynistic, narcissistic tendencies of an arrested child who can’t handle a job he most certainly is not qualified to hold. A child who can’t string together a simple sentence without a teleprompter. A child who feels he must stifle all opposition because the opposition sees through the smoke and mirrors.

And I will claim my actions are consistent with my cherished right to freedom of speech under the First Amendment of the Constitution.

Yes, I am blind copying several people on this email. For those people, I am providing Comrade obama’s own words and the links to find them. From the White House Blog itself: The problem is, we recognize the facts and the lies are no longer working on true Americans who think.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, we are now exhorted, by the White House itself, to “snitch” on our neighbors and friends who disagree with the travesty known loosely as Obamacare. A direct quote:

“There is a lot of disinformation about health insurance reform out there, spanning from control of personal finances to end of life care. These rumors often travel just below the surface via chain emails or through casual conversation. Since we can’t keep track of all of them here at the White House, we’re asking for your help. If you get an email or see something on the web about health insurance reform that seems fishy, send it to”

Those who don’t know their history are doomed to repeat it. Hitler had charisma and a smooth tongue himself. As for the Youth Corps, here is a link to Comrade obama’s own words (on video): and the actual text of the bill can be found here:

One last question–if this farce called obamacare is so great, why don’t I see you, Comrade obama, being the first to sign yourself and your family up for it–and insisting the rest of Congress do the same? Why? Because it’s not great, it’s not even good. You would reserve the best health care for yourself.

It has been shown, repeatedly, in other countries, your idea is a dead horse. Quit beating it. Otherwise, be prepared for a lot of backlash from true Americans who DO believe in the Constitution, to be aimed at you and your lackies. And we vote. We will no longer tolerate being force fed the slop you think we want to eat. Your hope and change is actually Nope and Cringe.

You have enough clues. Come find me.

Update: John at Stop the ACLU has an awesome piece on this subject here:

Ad Hoc Cmte: Non-Paper

On December 5, 2008, there was issued, on the letterhead of the High Commissioner For Human Rights, by Ambassador Idriss Jazairy, President of the Ad Hoc Committee on Complementary Standards, a “Non-Paper Paper” and a cover letter explaining its purpose. [Emphasis & links added.]
[Due to the use of OCR to extract quotes from scanned document images, there will be some spelling errors and a few Anglicized words will be Americanized. ]

The purpose of this “Non paper” is to stimulate a constructive debate on the content and the framework of major areas of vulnerability which for reasons of substance and/or of procedure suffer from protection gaps. Some of these areas are related to the contemporary manifestations of racism, ~ racial discrimination, xenophobia and related intolerance.The purpose of this “Non-paper” is also to invite concrete responses and recommendations based on its content.

The Ambassador set forth the Non Paper’s terms of reference.

  • Paragraph 199 of the Durban Declaration and Programme of Action that recommended to the Commission on Human Rights, now replaced by the Human Rights Council, to elaborate complementary intenational standards aimed at strengthening and updating international instruments against all forms of racism, racial discrimination, xenophobia and related intolerance.
  • Decision 3/IO3 of the Human Rights Council that decides, in pursuance of decision and instruction of the 2001 World Conference against Racism, Racial Discrimination, Xenophobia and Related Intolerance to establish an Ad Hoc Committee of the Human Rights Council with the mandate to elaborate, as a matter of priority and necessity, complementary standards in the form of either a convention or additional protocol (s) to the International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racism, racial Discrimination, Xenophobia and related Intolerance that will ill the existing gaps in the Convention and also provide new normative texts aimed at combating all forms of contemporary racism, including incitement to racial and religious hatred.
  • Resolution 6/21 of the Human Rights Council on the elaboration of new international complementary standards to the International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination.

The following listed phrases are critical because they are encoded to conceal the true intentions of the committee.

  • all forms of racism
  • related intolerance
  • incitement to racial and religious hatred

We must always bear in mind how the United Nations twist the English language!!! The following quote is from Preliminary document of the African Regional Conference Preparatory to the Durban Review Conference [Emphasis added.]

4. Emphasizes the urgent need to address the scourges of anti-Semitism, Christianophobia, and Islamophobia as contemporary forms of racism as well as racial and violent movements based on racism and discriminatory ideas directed at African, Arab, Christian, Jewish, Muslim and other communities;

Islamophobia = racism!!!

The Ambassador directed the member states to keep in mind::

all views expressed and contributions made within the framework of the follow-up mechanisms of the Durban Declaration and Programme of Action, including:

  • The survey of the five experts on the nature and the scope of substantive gaps, with regard to issues of content in the existing international instruments to combat racism, racial discrimination, xenophobia and related intolerance (A/HRC/4/W G.3/ 6) ;
  • The document of the Committee on the Elimination of racial discrimination on possible measures to strengthen the implementation of the final observations by adopting new recommendations by updating its monitoring procedures (All-IRC/4/WG.3/7)
  • The responses provided by the Committee ou the Elimination of racial discrimination to the questionnaire by the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights pursuant to decision PC.1/ 10 of the Preparatory Committee of the Durban Review Conference (A/CON’F.2l1/PC.2/CRP.5) including the relevant points of view made by the Members ofthe Committee on behalf ofthe latter; ~
  • The Report of the 5th session of the Intergovernmental Working Group on the Effective implementation of the Durban Conference and Prcgrarnmc of Action (A/HCR/6/10) and all relevant recommendations and conclusions adopted by this Group since its creation, particularly those contained in document(AH.CR/AC.!/I/CRP.2);
  • The discussions that took place during the first session of the Ad hoc Committee on complementary standards, held from 18 to 2l February 2008.

The Ambassador lists the following revelations from the two previous sessions.

  • There is global collective agreement and commitment expressed during the 2001 World Conference against racism on the principle of claborating international complementary standards to strengthen and update the international instruments against all forms of racism, racial discrimination, xenophobia and related intolerance (para 199 of the Durban Programme of Action);
  • However, no consensus was reached on how the specific form of/manner of giving concrete expression to this commiuncnt in priciple;
  • We must also bear in mind the ensuing debate on the links between articles 19 and 20 of the International Covenant on civil and political rights and the expert meeting of 2 and 3 October 2008, whereafter it was reiterated that the fundamental right of freedom of expression is compatible with the prohibition of any call for national, racial or religious hatred which constitutes incitement to discrimination, hostility and violence;
  • It is thus imperative to reach the largest possible agreement, through the Ad hoc Committee on complementary standards, on concrete ways and means to implement the commitment in principle made: during the 2001 World Conference against racism.
  • The approach suggested to achieve this goal is to stimulate, in a positive and inclusive spirit, concrete proposals on the fields and themes laid out in the “Non paper” for which complementary standardized provisions or other measures designed to fill protection gaps, are necessary.

Of course, the revelations repeat certain code phrases.

  • all forms of racism
  • related intolerance

Next, we encounter a reference to ICCPR.

  • the fundamental right of freedom of expression is compatible with the prohibition of any call for national, racial or religious hatred which constitutes incitement to discrimination, hostility and violence

Muslims, liars, lawyers & U.N. bureaucrats do not use words the way normal people do. “call for national, racial or religious hatred which constitutes incitement to discrimination, hostility and violence” means any criticism of Islam, specifically the Danish Cartoons & Fitna. In this context, it is asserted that censorship of criticism of Islam does not interfere with freedom of expression.

The Non-Paper begins with a listing of its Purpose, scope and parameters:

  • Implementing paragraph 199 of the Programme of Action of the World Conference against racism, racial discrimination, xenophobia and related intolerance, in which the Conference “Rec0Recommends that the Commission on Human Rights prepare complementary international standards
  • to strengthen and update international instruments against racism, racial discrimination, xenophobia and related intolerance in all their aspects”, as well as the relevant Human Rights Council resolutions, in particular decision 3/103 .
  • The need to enhance efforts to counter contemporary and emerging forms of manifestations of racism, racial discrimination, xenophobia and related intolerance.
  • The need to strengthen the monitoring procedures of the Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination with a view to enable it to undertake the responsibilities entrusted to it in a more effective manner.
  • The need to address double or multiple discrimination a continuing source of concern, as it affects certain individuals and groups, in particular gender-related racial discrimination and double discrimination on the grounds of race and religion.
  • The imperative to ensure that measures to combat terrorism respect the fundamental principles and the universally recognized standards of international law, international human rights law and international humanitarian Law.
  • The urgency of addressing racial profiling and eliminating it as a pervasive form of discrimination.
  • The need for uniform and consistent application of the law at the national and international levels to ensure the effectiveness of international efforts to counter racism and racial discrimination.
  • The need to recognize that The prohibition of the dissemination of all ideas based upon racial superiority or hatred and the prohibition of incitement to national, racial -· or religious hatred are compatible with the freedom of opinion and expression.
  • The principle of regarding provocative portrayals of objects of religious veneration as a malicious violation of the spirit of tolerance which must also be a feature of democratic society.
  • The need to re-emphasize that the prohibition of publication of material with the aim of protecting the rights of others and against seriously or gratuitously offensive attacks on matters regarded as sacred by the followers of any religion is a legitimate State objective.
  • The need for national and international law to provide adequate legal responses to propaganda of a racist and xenophobia nature committed through computer systems.
  • The need to follow the growing trend in many States to include, in their criminal I legislation, offenses in which religious motives are an aggravating factor.

Once again, the code phrases rear their ugly heads.

  • related intolerance = Islamophobia = any criticism of Islam.
  • contemporary and emerging forms of manifestations of racism = Islamophobia = any criticism of Islam.
  • measures to combat terrorism respect the fundamental principles and the universally recognized standards of intemational law, international human rights law and international humanitarian Law. This is a direct attack on surveillance of young Muslim males, such as the “magnificent 19” and other perpetrators of mass casualty attacks. Suspicion of Muslims = “racial profiling”:.
  • racial profiling
  • The need to recognize that The prohibition of the dissemination of all ideas based upon racial superiority or hatred and the prohibition of incitement to national, racial -· or religious hatred are compatible with the freedom of opinion and expression. A repetition of the egregious attack upon free speech. The reference is to the Danish Cartoons and Fitna.
  • provocative portrayals of objects of religious veneration as a malicious violation of the spirit of tolerance This is another reference to the Danish Cartoons.
  • The need to re-emphasize that the prohibition of publication of material with the aim of protecting the rights of others and against seriously or gratuitously offensive attacks on matters regarded as sacred by the followers of any religion is a legitimate State objective. Refer to the quotes from Reliance of the Traveller in the initial post of this series.
  • propaganda of a racist and xenophobia nature committed through computer systems. This is an attack upon blog posts and web sites which expose Islam’s damnable doctrines.

Eight specific themes are listed, here is #3.

3- Terrorism, racial discrimination and racial profiling:

  1. A definition of racial profiling, prioritizing human rights protection, could be elaborated and agreed upon.
  2. States must ensure that measures to combat terrorism do not discriminate, in purpose or effect on ·grounds of race, colour, descent or national or ethnic origin, as well as on religious grounds, bearing in mind in this context the intersectionality between racial and religious discrimination.
  3. Profiling based on stereotypes founded on grounds of discrimination prohibited by international law, including on racial, ethnic and/or religious grounds must be prohibited by law.

Who practices terrorism? Are the majority of terror attacks perpetrated by little old ladies from Iceland? Terrorism is an intrinsic sacrament of Islam, established as such by 3:151, 8:12., 8:60, 33:26, 59:2 & 59:13. When you hear hoof beats, they probably come from horses, not from unicorns. Profiling according to current trends in the identity of perpetrators is common sense. Islam is acting through the UN to disarm us.

The fifth listed theme gets down to detail.

5- Incitement to racial, national and religious hatred

  1. There is a need for further clarifying and reinforcing at the international level existing obligations on the eradication of all incitement to hatred and ‘ discrimination in any form and to prohibit by law, propaganda for war and advocacy of national, racial or religious hatred that constitutes incitement to discrimination, hostility or violence.
  2. In this context, complementary standards to be developed should observe the following parameters:
    • Article 4 of ICERD shall be extended to the crime of incitement to racial hatred covering offenses motivated by religious hatred against immigrant communities.
    • The protection provided shall extend to all individuals and groups within the jurisdiction of the State Party.
    • The prohibitions shall equally cover acts committed by any individual, group or organization, including political and media organizations as well as by national or local public authorities.
    • The provisions shall apply to any act which, in purpose or effect, incites discrimination, hostility or violence.
    • In order to achieve consistent and uniform application and maximize protection for actual or potential victims, any doubt as to the existence of a causal link between an act of incitement and the likelihood of a violation, or the threshold required for reaching such a determination, shall be interpreted in a consistent and coherent manner at the national and international levels so as to ensure appropriate protection of the concerned individuals or groups.
    • Addressing acts constituting incitement shall apply whether such acts have aims which are internal or external to the State concerned.
    • Requisite standards would explicitly not prohibit advocacy of the sovereign right to self-defence or the right of peoples to self-determination and independence in accordance with the Charter of the United Nations.
    • Requisite complementary standards shall include the prohibition of publication of material that direct seriously offensive attacks on matters regarded by followers of any religion or belief as sacred or inherent to their dignity as human beings, with the aim of protecting them against such attacks.
  3. In line with the above parameters, States’ general obligations would include:
    • Undertaking to promulgate, where they do not exist, a specific legislation prohibiting any propaganda for war and any advocacy of national, racial or religious hatred that constitutes incitement to discrimination, hostility or violence.
    • Asserting, in the relevant specific legislation, that such propaganda and advocacy are contrary to public policy.
    • Providing for appropriate sanction, including of a criminal nature, in case of violation.

The listed item under sub section c would appear to be straightforward. It is not. Muslims, liars, lawyers and U.N. Bureaucrats do not use the English language to communicate, they use it to deceive! In evidence whereof I cite the egregious remarks of the Secretary General on the subject of Fitna, the short documentary by Girt Wielders.

Reuters quotes U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon about Fitna:

“There is no justification for hate speech or incitement to violence,” Ban said in a statement. “The right of free expression is not at stake here.”

Fitna does not incite violence, it documents incitement contained in the Qur’an and propagated by Imams in their Mosques

The program of the Ad Hoc Committee runs parallel to the programs of the General Assembly and Human Rights Council in their resolutions combating “defamation of religion” and that of the Durban II review conference. Those programs are documented in detail and their egregious hypocrisy exposed and documented in the following listed blog posts..

Bloggers Beware: Freedom of Speech is NOT for you!

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Freedom of Speech for them, but not for you!!!

It seems the White House desperadoes are now coming right out and asking Americans to snitch on each other. Some months back I found a site that appalled me. It is called the Obama Nation, and on that forum it had threads encouraging readers to name names; this included listing licence plate numbers of cars sporting Republican stickers, and also encouraged children to report and list not just their neighbours who supported anyone other than BO, but also to turn in their parents. The first time I found that site, (and yes, I did register to get the goods) I was appalled at the rampent racism as regular posters called any dissenters “crackas”, and delighted in sharing what they should do with – and to – “honkey women”:. No, I am not going to give the link to that site. It IS disgusting. I did email the White House and ask if this is what they want their dear leader’s name associated with; no reply, of course! And the hatred continues unfettered.

During the election campaign (no, not the never-ending campaign; the official campaign that was supposed to end on voting day, ) BO minions volunteered on a team with the title “Fight the Smears.” Their ‘job’ was to troll the internet, and swoop onto the offending sites and attack any who dared voice disagreement with the proposed Utopia that many swallowed hook, line and sinker on voting day. Hey, even dead people voted for the “vision.”

Today it has become official: the White House boldly goes where no-one (except themselves) has gone before, at least in America. It seems that questions from patriots (or right wing terrorists like grannies scared of the proposed health care “reform”,) can now be reported directly to the White House. I kid you not. They have established an official email address just for this purpose.

From the White House “The Blog” comes this gem:


Facts Are Stubborn Things

Posted by Macon Phillips

Opponents of health insurance reform may find the truth a little inconvenient, but as our second president famously said, “facts are stubborn things.”

Scary chain emails and videos are starting to percolate on the internet, breathlessly claiming, for example, to “uncover” the truth about the President’s health insurance reform positions.

In this video, Linda Douglass, the communications director for the White House’s Health Reform Office, addresses one example that makes it look like the President intends to “eliminate” private coverage, when the reality couldn’t be further from the truth….

There follows a video which, truthfully, I didn’t have the stomach to watch, but what is further down the entry is even more interesting, and should alarm all freedom of speech loving Americans:

There is a lot of disinformation about health insurance reform out there, spanning from control of personal finances to end of life care. These rumors often travel just below the surface via chain emails or through casual conversation. Since we can’t keep track of all of them here at the White House, we’re asking for your help. If you get an email or see something on the web about health insurance reform that seems fishy, send it to

Yes, that is a direct copy and paste. “Seems fishy”???????? What IS fishy (among many other details) is a President who is determined to ram this bill through, even as he says HE is not familiar with certain sections of HIS healthcare bill. Michelle Malkin has a post up on this here, and as always, the comments are well worth the time. If you won’t believe me, go over to the White House site yourself, and check out the ‘transparency in government’ you were all promised. Here it is. Your tax dollars at work.

Seems the halcyon days when Hillary Clinton declared that “dissent is patriotic” are long gone.

America, I weep for you but yes, I WILL be writing more on this healthcare bill. You have my word on that…