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LISTEN UP: Due to the intellectually dishonest caliber of the comments and trackbacks emanating from the recent spate of perpetually stupid loons, let me clarify this is a SECONDARY SITE dedicated to one thing only. To find more information regarding ALL issues, you must go to my main site. Comments and trackbacks here have been disabled and will remain disabled until people can follow directions.

I’m just an ordinary person tired of the liberal stranglehold on this country. You can find me several places–The Victory Caucus, Miss Beth’s Victory Dance, Stop Her Now, Freedom Ain’t Free and Take Our Country Back here and here (my friend Snooper’s site), Wake Up America (my friend Spree’s site) and my google group, Patriots for Conservative Values. I’m Traditionalist Catholic (Pre-Vatican II) and work in the legal field as a Certified Paralegal, currently studying for my PhD level of certification. In my professional organization, I hold positions as a National Membership Committee member, the State Scholarship Chair, the local Vice-Presidency/Membership chair. I’m a single mom with two teenagers at home, a grown child who has left the nest and four incredible grandchildren. While I encourage substantive debate, I will not hesistate to ban trolls and nonsense, particularly when said trolls start crap here on MY site. MY blog, MY rules–if you don’t like it, there’s a little red “X” at the top right hand corner of your screen–click the “X”, leave and don’t come back. Otherwise, welcome. While this secondary site is for exposing the true agenda of islam only, my main site is Miss Beth’s Victory Dance at http://missbethsvictorydance.blogspot.com.