Resist Alien Amnesty

Grassfire reports that President Obama intends to begin the big push for illegal alien amnesty June 8. Grassfire is mounting a petition campaign to spur and express public outrage at President Obama’s shameful treachery.

Of course, Grassfire is building a contact list and soliciting donations in connection with the petition, that is par for the course. But they do provide a free and easy way to communicate our disgust with the Congress when they deliver the petitions.

Numbers USA

Another organization, Numbers USA, has a very informative web site that provides most of the intellectual ammunition needed to fight “comprehensive immigration reform:. Numbers USA has frequent phone & fax campaigns we can participate in and the faxes are free.

When you are ready to contact your Representative & Senators, you can easily send them an email even if you don’t know their names., given your zip code, will look them up for you and set up an easy to use email form.

It is our country, our jobs, our schools and our health care system at stake. President Obama wants to convert the illegal aliens into citizens in hopes that Hispanics will become a permanent Democrat voting block. We must rise up as one, united, with a loud voice yelling “Hell NO“!!! If you want the fence completed, the borders patrolled, existing immigration laws & rules enforced and amnesty schemes abandoned permanently, then start your faxes and emails flowing to Congress and the White House and keep them flowing. Join the growing chorus of demands for rational, common sense government. The country you save will be our own.

Nightmare Act

W.A.M. ALERT –DREAM ACT as usual means the opposite:
A NIGHTMARE in the works – it will take all of US to stop it!

Legislators Plan Unfair Citizenship Benefits & Unwarranted Advantages to Non-Citizens:

Many activists are already aware that our crazy Congress is currently attempting
to increase immigration rights and citizenship benefits plus other perks – virtually overnight-
to illegal alien youths (defined to age 35!) on the claim that it is not their fault their parents
broke the law!

The insanity of this illogical conclusion can only be construed as a cover for building the un-Democratic
party’s base by up to another 35 million! This figure is based on current projections of the number
of “students” and their families who will apply and receive rapidly implemented rights and benefits
from this bill, if it is signed into law. Because these measures are so unscrupulous – and politically
motivated – W.A.M. has prepared a special NO DREAM ACT PETITION plus ACTION TOOLS!

See informative W.A.M. Take A Stand summary of this bill here including Important Local
Meetings Schedule – which Congress is using to inflate the perception of public support for
these measures. These meetings have not been publicly promoted, specifically, to keep
DREAM ACT opponents away!

It is now up to each and all of us to participate in strategic W.A.M. ACTIONS to stop
this nightmare from happening. Together, we still stand a real chance of blocking
these measures – if we ALL join together in these concerted ACTIONS now.

There is no time for hesitation or delay – with your help, W.A.M. can
impact and influence this outcome before Capitol Hill sails it through-
which they aim to do upon completion of their “spring break.”

WAM Coordinator

Bury Alien Amnesty!

Now that we know Majority Leader Reid intends to ram through Alien Amnesty, the time has come to bury the issue once and for all. Sweet, gentle emails, faxes & phone calls stopped it twice, but like a vampire, it keeps coming back from the dead.

Lets bury it so deep they can never dig it up again. provides a means of sending emails to the President, your Representative & Senators with a single, simple form.

In the box labeled My Elected Officials, enter your zip code. Under the heading Write Your Elected Officials, click the Federal link. Select Immigration as the issue and compose your message. In the body of your message, tell them that the bottom line is on a web page and give them a link to

Their editor does not have a provision for entering links. Use html. Copy and paste this into your message:

Loud & Clear.

In Letters to Leaders, that comes through like this: Loud & Clear. Near the bottom of the form there is an option button, cleared by default, labeled Letters to Leaders. Select that option so that everyone can see your message.

When the recipients click the link, they will see a big, bold unmistakably clear message of outraged rejection; a four word profane execration followed by exclamation points. The clincher follows the exclamation points.

My vote depends on your vote. Be careful when voting and make no mistakes.