Help Us Free Sergeant Jermaine Nelson

Here we go again! Yet another member of the United States military being thrown under the bus, and justice denied. From The Warrior Legacy Foundation comes this:

Sgt Jermaine Nelson is the last of three decorated combat Marines charged with killing jihadists during the 2004 battle for Fallujah, Iraq.

Sgt Nelson was a member of the 3/1 Marines from Camp Pendleton, a storied and highly decorated ground-fighting unit. A brand new Corporal at that time, Cpl Nelson’s job was to search house to house, on foot, in a ‘seek and destroy’ mission against jihadists who had flooded the city specifically to kill and conduct a holy war against the Marines. During the battle on 9 November 2004, four military-aged jihadist males were found barricaded in a house, shooting at Cpl Nelson and his team…

Please read and sign the petition to drop the charges against Sergeant Nelson:

More information at BlackFive:

Also, you can join the Free Sergeant Nelson page on Facebook here:

Thank you!

You all know what needs to be done here. Let’s all demand justice – again!


Dover: If it bleeds it leads

Dover is where our fallen first touch down on American soil on their final journey home. I recently posted pieces from two men more than qualified to have an informed firsthand opinion about the president overturning the long-time ban of the media from Dover; one was my friend Robert Stokely, Gold Star Father, and the other was Old Blue, active duty military, and blogger par excellence.

I have been listening the last few days to the furore over this latest “mistake” of the current White House resident. I am having a hard time deciding if he is just being disingenuous when he declares that it is now up to individual families whether or not to allow the media to photograph the Dover ceremonies; I am trying to figure out if he is merely callous or just plain stupid in the ways of the media machinations….

Read the rest at Assoluta Tranquillita here.

Valour-IT: Good News, and A Challenge or Three

From BlackFive comes this:

Well, as you can see, there have been some changes, some very nice changes. If you go here to see the Team standings you can get the whole picture (Navy, we do have smelling salts standing by).

There are some people that have come through for both Team Army and — most of all — Project Valour-IT. They have a challenge for you, and it is best expressed by malclave:

Just sent another hundred bucks for Team Army… I’d been holding it, figuring I could help out the Coast Guard team if we met our goal soon enough.

Anyway, I was just lower enlisted stationed at a hospital in the late 80s… surely there are plenty of folks who can outdo an REMF like me, right?

Malclave and others have issued challenges. My question to you is, will you rise to the challenge, or slink away and not even give a dollar? Folks, if everyone who comes to this site in a day pitches in a dollar, it puts us roughly ten percent (okay, closer to five) towards the goal. We are only at 27 percent for the year….

Go read the rest of what Laughing Wolf has to say, here.

Squirm on, Obama!

By now, everybody has heard about the ‘on again, off again’ non trip of Senator Obama to Landstuhl to visit our wounded. The internet has been full of differing opinions on what really happened, and Obama and his sycophants have flip flopped in their usual fashion. (He may need to see a doctor for injuries sustained from all the flip flopping before November 4th…just

However, all that aside 😉 the truth WILL out. Senator Obama hasn’t yet figured out that every time he tries to pull the wool over our eyes, along comes a a real expert who easily debunks his nonsense.

Via Blackfive here comes a link to this statement from an expert:

Former Landstuhl CSM on Non-Visiting Presidential Candidate

Posted By Blackfive

Over at the Tank, the former Command Sergeant Major of Landstuhl Regional Medical Facility has some words about a certain Presidential candidate…

And what does this expert have to say? Follow the link to here, and this is what you have:

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Former CSM of Landstuhl on Obama [Gregory S. McNeal]

The former Command Sergeant Major of Landstuhl from 2003 to 2005 released this statement today regarding Senator Obama’s decision to not visit wounded soldiers in Landstuhl:

Having spent two years as the Command Sergeant Major at Landstuhl Hospital, I am always grateful for the attention that facility receives from members of Congress. There is no more important work done by the United States Army than to care for those who have been wounded in the service [of] our country. While Americans troops remain engaged in two hot wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, there is a steady stream of casualties to the hospital, and a steady stream of visitors who wish to meet with those troops and thank them for their service.

Senator Obama has explained his decision to cancel a scheduled visit there by blaming the military, which would not allow one of his political advisers to join him in a tour of the facility. Why Senator Obama felt he needed an adviser with him to visit U.S. troops is unclear, but if Senator Obama isn’t comfortable meeting wounded American troops without his entourage, perhaps he does not have the experience necessary to serve as commander in chief.