B*N*S*N introduction.:)

My regular readers from Tanker Bros (and other places.lol) are familiar with B*N*S*N. Many months ago a group of bloggers made the decision to set one day aside to focus on only the GOOD NEWS out of this Global War on Terror; you know, the news the msm doesn’t think is fit to print. Friday was the day, so we called it Good News Friday!

After a couple of weeks, one of my readers said “That really IS ‘No S***, Brat!”, and it was voted that my Friday contributions would from there on be called “Brat No S*** News. 🙂 Every week I am overwhelmed with good news that is VERY easy to find (no surprise to any of YOU, of course! lol) But I try and restrict myself to four stories that you won’t see in the msm. Miss Beth has asked that I start posting them here, so read this week’s stories below!!!