My Neighbor the Obama Supporter

In line with the ‘questionable’ donations practices of the Obama campaign, comes this piece from Bob Lonsberry:

Written October 7, 2008

Doodad Pro is my neighbor.

Well, not exactly neighbor. My neighbors are a state trooper, a soldier and a guy who customizes guns.

But I digress. This is about Doodad Pro.

He lives in the next town over, in a place called Nunda. It’s pronounced “none-day,” with the accent on the second syllable. It’s a tiny place in a pretty little upstate New York valley. Right about now the foliage ought to be getting close to peak. I think the motto is “A Great Place To Live” or something like that.

All I know for sure is that my Aunt Lonnie and Uncle Pete used to live there and just last week their girls soccer team absolutely spanked ours. I go to Nunda a couple of times a month – the diner is nice, and so is the all-you-can-eat at Bill’s – and I highly recommend the 5k race they have each May as part of Nunda Fun Days.

Speaking of which, the Nunda Fun Days parade is about the best small-town all-American parade you’re ever going to see. The town bicentennial is this year, and they’ve got a great hardware store and this place that makes pretty good mustard and nut butter. Other than that, Nunda’s best days were about a hundred years ago.

Actually, more like 125 years ago. Right now it’s just a sleepy little backwater about 50 miles from anyplace that is anyplace. It has 1,300 people, if you count the young people away in the Marine Corps, and the census says it’s been shrinking since before you were born.

But this isn’t about Nunda. This is about Doodad Pro, Nunda’s most famous citizen.

At least I figure he’s got to be Nunda’s most famous citizen. I can’t remember anyone else from Nunda who ever made the national news.

Now, granted, Doodad Pro hasn’t really made all the national news. Not the big time, not with Katie and those other guys. But he has become a footnote.

Let me tell you why.

See, it seems Doodad Pro likes Barack Obama. In fact, he may like him more than anyone else on the planet.

And Doodad Pro has shown his fondness for Barack Obama by contributing to his campaign. You know, he’s one of those millions of humble people who have sacrificed some of their beer and lottery money to help Barack. Working people, being tortured and mutilated by George W. Bush, have rallied to the Obama campaign like flies to you-know-what….

And it gets better, and mindboggling….;) You really MUST go read the rest of this piece – honest! Find him here.

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