The Active Democrats Revolution

Last week I wrote Democrats Attacked from Within. This is a follow up to that article.

Today I’m asking: Who are these “Active Democrats”? Common sense might tell you that they are the folks who help raise big money for candidates. They will tell you that they are the “people;” the lowly activist workers – the ones who knock on doors and actively canvass for their party. Both ideas are completely true. But “Active Democrats” are much more than that.

The key words “Active Democrat” are showing up in more and more new Political Action Committee names. The words are deliberately designed to link radical activists to the left-leaning P.A.C. that will represent their interests. Often the only difference between the existing local party name and the active P.A.C. name is the lone word “Active”. If the word “Active” isn’t included in the P.A.C. name, then it is used repeatedly in just about every communication.

The Active intent is three-fold. (1) They want to attract new members to the Democratic Party without raising the eyebrows of the sleepy 21st Century challenged centrists, and (2) they want to attract the left kind of member, and (3) they want to gradually take over the functions of the existing local party by appearing, on the surface, to be the official local party organization.

Although the Actives won’t openly admit this, they are linked to Democracy for America, the far left leaning organization founded by Howard Dean’s brother. Democracy for America provides these Actives training in how to “kidnap” a local party. Actives also see themselves as aligned with the Young Democrats of America , and they communicate through networking dominance of the blogosphere in sites such as,, the far, far left DailyKos, , and .

President Jimmy Carter’s eldest son told those attending a Young Democrats of America conference that if they would use, Democrats would win in 2006. Apparently he was right.

“If you and your MySpace friends get five people apiece … Democrats will win in 2006,” he said.

Since 2004 left-leaning candidates and their “Active” supporters have been using the networking potential of Meetup , a meeting-planning service. Recently The Democratic Party has revealed a new social networking tool – PartyBuilder . Anyone who joins can “Roll Your Own Political Network.” This site is geered to a wider “adult” level of Actives. A registered user with PartyBuilder can find other active Democrats in a particular geographic area via a ZIP code search. It has been reported that PartyBuilder attracted almost 10,000 registered users in its first week, and that the number of political networks are growing exponentially!!!

Is it time that traditionalists, conservatives, moderates and centrists, the Blue Dogs etc., just roll over, play dead, and give up??? No – Not on our collective lives!!! American political parties need to rediscover America’s majority center – the heart, mind, and soul of America. That’s us folks! And we must be dedicated to taking back America from the special interests dominating both far, far left and far, far right!!!

There’s no sense in reinventing the wheel. The tools are already there and we all need to take advantage of how the left has led the social networking dominance of the internet in 2006 well before 2008!!! We must use 21st century tools today!!!

For more details about this revolution, I recommend that you read two overview articles: The New Breed of Democrat Part One, And Part Two, which describes the typical tactics of the new breed “Active Democrats.”