Ahmadinejad: UN Racism Conference Part 4

[Statement by the Islamic Republic of Iran as delivered (unofficial transcript)]

After the Second World War, by exploiting the holocaust and under the pretext of protecting the Jews they made a nation homeless with military expeditions and invasion. They transferred various groups of people from America, Europe and other countries to this land. They established a completely racist government in the occupied Palestinian territories. And in fact, under the pretext of making up for damages resulting from racism in Europe, they established the most aggressive, racist country in another territory, i.e. Palestine.

Two groups of people claim possession of one small land area. Only one of them has a historical moral and legal right to it. The side having the valid claim was willing to share the land; the usurpers were not. They made war, which they continue to prosecute.

The death and displacement of which Ahmadinejad complains resulted from Islam’s war against Israel. Without that war there would have been neither death nor displacement. The complaint has about as much merit as the parricide’s plea for mercy on grounds of being an orphan.

Ahmadinejad practices projection: labeling Israel as “the most aggressive, racist country” when, in fact, that description fits Islam. The unstated premise is that Falestine is the national homeland of Falestinians. In fact, Israel was the homeland of the Jews, who were conquered and displaced serially by the Greeks and Romans, who were conquered by the Muslims in the seventh century.

Our first clue comes from the Charter of Hamas, read it carefully. [Emphasis added.]

This is the law governing the land of Palestine in the Islamic Sharia (law) and the same goes for any land the Muslims have conquered by force, because during the times of (Islamic) conquests, the Muslims consecrated these lands to Muslim generations till the Day of Judgement.

Our second clue comes from Rodwell’s translation of At-Taubah 29

9:29. Make war upon such of those to whom the Scriptures have been given as believe not in God, or in the last day, and who forbid not that which God and His Apostle have forbidden, and who profess not the profession of the truth, until they pay tribute out of hand, and they be humbled.

Our third clue comes from the oral tradition of Moe’s companions.

Abu Dawud 14.2477
Narrated Ibn Hawalah:

The Prophet (peace_be_upon_him) said: It will turn out that you will be armed troops, one is Syria, one in the Yemen and one in Iraq. Ibn Hawalah said: Choose for me, Apostle of Allah, if I reach that time. He replied: Go to Syria, for it is Allah’s chosen land, to which his best servants will be gathered but if you are unwilling, go to your Yemen, and draw water from your tanks, for Allah has on my account taken special charge of Syria and its people.

The continuous conflict flows directly from Moe’s command, recited in Allah’s name, to make war upon the Jews and his statement of preference for attacking the Byzantine province of which Israel was a part.